How Is Rama Navami Festival Celebrated?

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Among one of the most prominent festivals of Hinduism, Ram Navami is definitely an important one. In the Indian culture, Lord Ram and his legacy are interwoven tightly. The tradition and ideals of Lord Rama have inspired people from decades and the King of Ayodhya has turned into the Lord.

On Ram Navami, people reminiscent the life of Lord Ram, his devotion and dedication, his fight for truth, his loyalty and lots of other virtues and try to incorporate a bit of his virtues in themselves.

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Basically, Ram Navami is the celebration of the birth of Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In different parts of the country, this festival is celebrated with pomp and show. People celebrate this occasion with proper dedication and they have the idol of Shree Ram in front of them who is the epitome of a perfect son, a loyal husband and a loving elder brother and overall, a loyal king to his kinsmen.

To be specific, he is the example of the best human ever and that is why he is referred to as the 'Maryada Purushottam'. It is quite natural that his birthday will be celebrated all over the country with sheer devotion and love. So now, let's get to the point on how to celebrate the Rama Navami festival? Read on to know more.


Ram Navami Vrat:

People celebrate Ram Navami by keeping a fast on the day. This is known as the Ram Navami Vrat. There is no steadfast rule to keep the fast. If you want to keep ‘Nirahar Vrat', you should not be eating or drinking anything until midnight and then break your fast. You can also keep the Vrat without having such a strict rule. You can have boiled vegetables without any spices and also have tea, coffee, curd, vegetables and fruits.


Start The Puja With Dhyanam:

While starting the Ram Navami puja, you should start it with dhyan of Shree Ram. That means you are thinking of Lord Ram and are dedicated yourself to his feet. There is a separate shloka for dhyanam of Shree ram.


Invite Him To Your House:

The next step is to invite him to your house, so that he can bless you with all prosperity and happiness. As Ram Navami is celebrated during Gudi Padwa or Ugadi, this time also signifies the beginning of a New Year. Celebrate it with the blessings of Lord Ram.


The Holy Bath:

This is another significant part of celebrating Ram Navami. Some people take bath in the river Sarayu and get rid of all the negatives in their life and the cool water of the river purifies their mind, body and soul.

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Celebrating Lord Ram’s Birth:

Ram Navami is a festival of nine days. On the ninth day, the afternoon is the time of Ram's birth. At this time, devotees wrap a coconut with a cloth and keep it inside a cradle and rock it. This signifies the birth of Lord Ram. People shower red gulal and flowers on it.


Ramleela Is Enacted:

Celebrating Ram Navami won't be complete without Ramleela. It means the colorful incidents of Shree Ram's life which are enacted by actors. Tents are set up at grounds and incidents of Lord Ram's life, like victory over Ravana, are performed.

Each year people celebrate Ram Navami with all their heart and remind themselves about the glory and valour of Shree Ram.

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