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What Is The Concept Of Hundi In Temple?

By Ajanta Sen

India is a land of mixed cultures and traditions where many religions grow, sustain and flourish by themselves.

Due to its secular concept towards religions, every Indian is free to follow and have faith in his/her own religion.

As a matter of fact, every religion all over the world has its own gods and goddesses; and everyone is free to follow the religion that they like to and prefer.

The faith in the gods makes people do various types of things that you may find unusual and unrealistic. However, faith does not believe in those things.

As far as the concept of Hundi in the temple is concerned, it is purely mythological and people’s faith in the existence in god.

While finding the answer to the question, “why do we put money in the Hundi”, we would need to pay attention towards some old mythological stories which state that Lord Vishnu took some money as a loan from Kuber, the god of wealth.

The devotees have complete faith in the event, and that is why they help the Lord to pay back Kuber. Basically, there is no reason to justify the question, “why is it necessary to put money in the Hundi”.

However, if you look into the matter, then you can obviously find concrete reasons as to why we put money in the Hundi.

Following are some of the reasons that can be the possible answers to the question, “why is it necessary to give money in the Hundi”, have a look:

Helping Lord Vishnu To Pay Back Kuber:

As mentioned earlier, putting money in the Hundi is purely performed out of the devotees' wish to make the Lord debt free. To be more specific, the devotees of all the religions have faith in the story and they also contribute to the fund.

Create Funds For The Development Of The Temple:

Almost all the temples, irrespective of religion or faith, need a large sum of money to manage their everyday affairs. The money collected in the Hundi is just a way to provide funds, so that the authorities use it to manage the expenses.

The possible expenses include purchase of ingredients for everyday worship of the gods and goddesses. It also includes salary for the staff in the temples, including the priests.

Get The Favour Of The Gods:

This is pure faith and nothing else. The devotees consider the gods as Almighty, who has the power to help them out of all the problems and troubles.

This should be taken as pure faith and nothing else. This faith is not built in a day or two, and it has a relevance since time immemorial. Having the blessings of the god can only be experienced, and it cannot be seen by the naked eyes.

Performance Of Special Rituals:

Most of the temples have their own rituals and religious activities. These activities are special and they also need large sums of money every year.

For example, the Yagnas are conducted on each of the special days, and they need a great deal of money. This is one of the strongest reasons as to why it is necessary to put money in the Hundi.

Usually, these Yagnas are attended by a large number of devotees, and they all contribute to the Hundi. In the process, the authorities collect the required sum of money to perform those special rituals.

To Help The Needy:

Though not all the temples do this, but there are many temples all around the globe where the authorities use the large sums of money collected in the Hundi to help the needy people who cannot help themselves. The money is dispensed among the poor purely for charity and not for any business purpose.

To Become A Desire-free Person:

As per mythology, it is believed that a person becomes desire free only when he offers something to others out of his own accord.

The reason why we put money to the Hundi is to make ourselves get rid of the bad elements in us, and further allow this task to purify our hearts.

This is one of the reasons why we offer and put money to the Hundi.So, faith in God and His existence can make people offer money to the Hundi. There is basically no selfish reason for this and it is usually offered by the people on their own will with no one forcing them to do so.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 9, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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