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Symbolism Of Peacock Feather In Hinduism

By Super Admin

Peacock is regarded as one of the most auspicious bird in Hindu mythology. It's a beautiful bird and has also earned the favour of being the national bird of India. You may have noticed that many people hand the peacock feathers in their houses. It is believed that keeping peacock feather at home brings good luck and prosperity in the house.

It is actually a matter of great interest as to how dramatically the species of peacock has survived over the time span of 4000 years. It has survived climatic changes, predatory animals and human's destructive tendencies.

It still remains the oldest ornamental bird in the world. Have you ever wondered what could be the secret of its survival? You will be surprised to know about the myths which surround the survival of peacock.

Here are some stories from the Hindu mythology which substantiates the symbolism of peacock and its feathers in Hinduism.



It is believed that Mayura or peacock was created from one of the feathers of Garuda (another mythical bird in Hind mythology, carrier of Lord Vishnu). In images of the peacock is depicted as a mythical bird, which is killing a snake. According to a number of Hindu scriptures, it is a symbol of cycle of time.

The Beautiful Feathers

Long back, peacocks had dull tail feathers. In a battle between Ravana and Lord Indra, the bird opened its feathers for Indra to hide behind and wage a war. Indra was saved and in gratitude, he made its long feathers iridescent. That is why Indra is often depicted as seated on a peacock throne.

Peacock Feather & Goddess Lakshmi

Peacock is also identified with the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. That is why people keep peacock feathers at home because it is believed to bring wealth and prosperity in the house. It is also said to keep the house free from flies and other insects.

Peacock Feather In Hinduism

Peacock feather is of great importance in Hinduism. Lord Krishna wears a peacock feather on His crown. Goddess Kaumari, another form of Shakti also rides a peacock. Lord Karthikeya or Murugan uses peacock as His mode of conveyance. Hence, we see that peacock and its feathers are extremely significant in Hinduism.

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