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Mystery Behind Satan's Symbols

The concept of Satan is prevalent in every culture. The idea of good and evil has been rampant since time immemorial. Our belief systems have led us to believe in bizarre things related to Satan, which are sometimes ridiculous and sometimes abstract. But whatever the case be, the idea of Satan and evil has always intimidated mankind.

Belief in Satan has also given birth to a number of symbols which we know as the symbols of Satan. The little red horns might sound a bit ridiculous but one thing is for sure a Satan is someone who brings evil and temptation. He leads humanity astray through his deceiving tricks.

Interestingly, Satan is said to be one of God's angels who fell out of favour of God and then resorted to seducing humans to sin. Some occult groups see Satan as the liberating figure and thus, worship him for liberation from sorrows. Their shared features include symbolic association with or admiration for Satan.

Here are few symbols of Satan and the mystery surrounding them.

The Inverted Star (Pentagram)
A normal pentagram would be five pointed star facing upwards. But the Satanic cults use the inverted pentagram as their symbol for paganism. It represents the 4 elements of the material universe, plus spirit and also man, representing the 4 limbs and head. So it is used in honour and worship of nature and man. It is designed as a rebellion of man against God.

Satan's Cross
It is also known as the Leviathan cross. Many people believe the inverted cross to be the Satan's cross. But it is not quite true. Satan's cross has an infinity sign at the bottom with two crosses facing upward. The double cross symbolizes protection and balance between male and female. The infinity sign most likely means eternal rest/hapiness. But it may have been used by LaVey as a symbol for eternal damnation. The origins of the Leviathan Cross is created/used by The Knights Templar. The symbols was then adopted by Anton LaVey, founder of the church of Satan.

The Number 666
The number 666 is the number of beast or Satan, according to the Book of Revelation. The Satanists proudly use the number as a sign of rebellion.

Sigil Of Lucifer
The sigil of Lucifer is the symbol which represents Lucifer, the prince of the fallen angels. It is a magical symbol which is used by the people who perform black magic to conjure demons. Then they work together to fulfill their desires.

The Serpent
The serpent is the most famous symbol of Satan. It was a snake which caused the downfall of mankind by luring Eve to taste the Forbidden Apple. The serpent also represents the Kundalini force lying at the base of our spine, waiting to be awakened. Satanism is based on the idea of raising the serpent within.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 5, 2014, 18:02 [IST]
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