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Spiritual Oils And Their Significance

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There are some spiritual oils that have been used since centuries for religious purposes. You must have noticed that during some religious ceremonies, gatherings or meditation. Some oils are still used for increasing concentration. Spiritual oils can be used in varied ways during a religious ceremony. Many people prefer applying such natural oils all over their body before a performance, or spread it across the room where the ceremony is taking place for the lovely fragrance.

Here are some spiritual oils that are used for multiple religious purposes.

Spiritual OIl

Sandalwood Oil- The mild essence of sandalwood oil helps us concentrate. It relaxes our mind and relieves stress so that we can concentrate in our prayer. It also activates our Chakras and makes their functioning and coordination with each other much better. Sandalwood oil has thus been used by sages since ages. This is also one of the most sweet smelling natural oils.

Myrtle Oil- Myrtle has been emblematic of a pious state of mind since ages. It stands for the entry into a blissful world that is filled with God's grace. Myrtle oil also stands for truth, forgiveness and divine love. It is also said that the Goddess Aphrodite resides in this tree. According to ancient religious beliefs the scent of this oil helps us to understand the impermanent nature of all things. It also has a psychological effect. It helps resolve inner conflict and confusion. This enables us to pray to the Almighty with all our heart and soul.

Cedar-wood Oil- This is one of the spiritual oils, that according to some of the ancient religious scripts, strengthens weakened spirits. An over analytical mind is relieved upon the inhalation of the sweet perfume of this oil. It relieves toxins out of the body and has been used since ancient times in Tibetan and Egyptian civilizations. You generate a feeling of true spiritual love by using this oil.

Melted Clarified Butter(Ghee)- Clarified butter is melted and then used in Hindu religious festivals as one of the essential spiritual oils. It is offered to the holy fire lit in the honour of Gods. It is also used to light the diya (lamp) before God as it is considered to be holy. Ghee is used during almost all Hindu religious ceremonies. This is one of the natural oils that is used even during the last rites of a man as per Hindu rituals.

All of these spiritual oils have a wonderful aroma which you are sure to like.

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