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Hindu Myths About Menstruation

By Sneha

There were and still are a lot of customs to be followed by Hindu girls during their menstruation. People in recent times laugh at such unreasonable Hindu customs. Menstruation is not an easy thing in a woman's life. It is all related with physiology, culture and society. Biologically, menstruating is a very good sign indicating the fact that a woman has a healthy reproductive cycle. But in many religions a girls menstruation is perceived quite differently and there are many superstitions surrounding it.

Let us discuss some age old Hindu myths about menstruation.

Visiting Temples- According to some Hindu myths a girl should not visit a temple or offer prayer to God while she is menstruating. According to these beliefs and customs a girl who has periods is impure and hence, should not even touch anything that shall be given as an offering to God. They also cannot take part in the religious ceremonies. But if logic is taken into consideration it is something that is given by God himself. It is the biological key to a woman's motherhood. So how can this be impure?

Cannot Cook- Girls during their menstruation are considered 'impure' and hence are not allowed to enter the kitchen. But this unwritten rule of Hinduism is good in some ways. At least during these days a woman can take a leave from her daily chores and relax. According to this superstition, the food cooked by women during such time would be unhygienic and unclean. But there is another side to it as well. As the hygiene conditions in olden days weren't good enough, this rule was made. And without understanding the logic behind it people still follow it blindly.

Washing On The Third Day- As per some Hindu myths, girls during their menstruation should wash all their clothes and bedsheets on the third day. They must also shampoo their hair on the same day. Well the scientific explanation behind this is that as the flow of blood is too high during the first three days its better to get everything cleaned.

Cannot Touch Pickle- It is so said that a girls during their menstruation should not touch pickles . According to the Hindu myths if they do so the pickle rots away. Well there is perhaps no logical explanation behind this. But if you know one do let us know.

Basil Plant- Basil plant is considered to be holy in Hinduism. hence girls during their periods are not allowed to touch it. They cannot even let their shadows fall on the plant during this time. according to the myths the basil plant dies if you do so.

All these are popular Hindu myths that have been handed down generations. Some Hindu myths have a logical explanation behind them and some don't. So judge what is right and act accordingly.

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