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5 Most Famous Mosques In India

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There are many mosques in India were the faithful go to say their prayers. However. some of the mosques are famous for their architectural beauty and because they are sacred. Some of these holy mosques also have great historical and spiritual significance. Some of the most illustrious mosques in India have been listed and described in this article. These famous mosques were chosen on the basis of the number of devotees they draw.

Famous Mosques In India

Most Famous Mosques In India

1. Jama Masjid: This architectural Masjid was named Masjjid-I-Jaha Numa originally when it was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1600 AD. It was supposed to be the mosque that gives a panoramic view of the world. This Masjid is just as grand and glorious as it was intended to be. Once a sign of Mughal opulence, it is now a distinct landmark of the national capital. The magnanimous structure that stands tall in Old Delhi (chandni chowk) draws people from all over Delhi and neighbouring states on special occasion like Eid. the architecture is a beautiful blend of native Hindu and Persian styles of architecture and thus, Jama masjid is much more than just a holy mosque, it represents the composite culture of India.

2. Ajmer Sharif Dargah: The Ajmer Sharif or the Holy Dargah is dedicated to Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chisti, a Sufi saint who did a lot of good work for the downtrodden in Ajmer and areas around it. This Dargah is now a standing example of communal harmony in our secular country. It is one of the mosques in India where both Hindus and Muslims flock in. The silver gates of the Holy Dargah in the city of Ajmer is open to everyone irrespective of their religion, caste or social status. There is a huge metal pot in the Dargah in which people throw their offering to the saint and it goes in service of society.

3. Haji Ali: No it is not just a station in Mumbai; it is one of the most famous mosques in India primarily because of its location. It is situated literally at the heart of the Island city of Mumbai that is in the middle of the sea. You will see people belonging to all communities paying respects in this mosque. More than 80,000 devotess come in this Dargah to take the blessing of the saint. The saying goes that whatever 'mannat' (wish) you ask for in Haji Ali will always be answered.

4. Salim Chisti: The wish-fulfilling shrine of Salim Chisti is the mosque that gave an Emperor an heir and the a nation its new king. It is fabled that Akbar the Great had no son for a long time. He walked to the shrine of Sheikh Salim Chisti to pray for a son. After that, a boy was born to his favourite queen Jodha Bai. He named his son after the saint Salim (later known as Jahangir). This shine still exists in Fatehpur Sikri and millions go there with a prayer on their lips.

5. Moti Masjid: It is one of the few mosques in history that was built by a woman. Sikandar Jehan Begum was a sprawling trendsetter for the clans of liberated Muslim women who have come from Bhopal. The Moti Masjid may not be the largest or the grandest mosque in India, but it is special by virtue of its history. The architecture of the mosque is typical of its time with white minarets and exquisite marble work.

These were some of the most famous mosques in India. Can you name any other special mosques in your country?

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