Do we really care about 'Care'?-Four Tips To Care

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To Care
Care is the very thing that every creature craves for. Care brings in a fresh fragrance to life, without which there is no meaning to existence. To care has however become an acquired quality than being natural and spontaneous in the modern days. So what is it to really care?

What is it to care?

While hurrying to office, you happen to see an unusual sight of a dog and a cat frisking about and your lips expand into a little smile. This simply means to care. To find a little time to write to a the child for whose education you have sponsored, apart from unfailingly making the payments, is to care.

'Care' simply reflects in the way we walk, talk, sit, respond etc, in all our activities.

A colleague may walk up to you when you are really busy and ask you for the number of the hotel where you order food regularly.

“Hey here is the number of the hotel" But you could have missed out on enquiring, “Well shall I place your order when I do mine?" -You have simply not cared enough here.

J Krishnamurti aptly puts in. “Caring is really a part of that profound thing called love. It begins with the care of little things...."

Care for little things is the base for compassion to flower in one. To simply notice a poor girl on the street, an old man working in the making of the road in the hot sun, a dog limping on the road etc helps trigger compassion. When compassion is at its fullest action takes place.

Care reflects gratitude. The feeling of gratitude is very essential to be an integrated human being. When we enjoy the moonlight, the gentle sweep of the breeze, when we look at streaks of sunlight peeping through the trees; when we are aware of a leaf whirling in the wind, a drop of the rain dripping from the edge of the sliding roof, all reflect care. It is gratitude camouflaged in care.

To put one's clothes in order, to feed your dog at time, to take your wife out after a long day's work is all to care.

Care enhances the fine quality of feeling, of being sensitive which, has been lost in the mad rush in life. Here are a few tips that help us to care.

Be sensitive to your surroundings

Be aware of things around you. Observe the way you interact with people. Observe the way you respond to different aspects of nature. This will help you modify your uncaring ways. J Krishnamurti says, “When you observe, when you listen, you care, when you care you cannot help but act"

Do not judge

Just be a witness to things that happen to you and happen around you. Do not judge. Judgement leads to conditioning. Conditioning of the mind with regards to things as good and bad hampers care.

Let Go

Do not bottle up feelings as they hamper relationships. By letting go you are spontaneous and open to receive life every moment as new. Read how to let go.

Inculcating the feeling of oneness

Caring is at its heights when one identifies oneself with the creation. This is also the ultimate spiritual goal. This is what Jesus Christ meant by love thy neighbour as thyself. Try to delve deep within yourself and understand that you are beyond the body and the mind. The abidance in this truth is what made the enlightened ones love unconditionally. As normal human beings, even a little understanding of this truth goes a long way to make one care.

Reference : “What is it to care" by J Krishnamurti.

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Story first published: Friday, August 19, 2011, 17:15 [IST]
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