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Anita Moorjani: How She Fought With Cancer, And Died, To Return To Her Body, Fully Cured

Anita Moorjani is the living proof that human beings can overcome any adversity using just their inner strength and knowledge.
Anita is a story of a cancer survivor who survived lymphoma because of a miracle that happened. Her awe inspiring story changes the way you look at dreadful diseases like cancer, or any adversity that requires beyond human strength to sail through smoothly to reach the other side of the shore. You get an idea about your true purpose in life, and what you should do to attain it. She explains timeless concepts with the clarity of a mirror that keeps her audience speechless and spellbound.

Early Years In Singapore

Moorjani, born to Sindhi parents, who lived in Singapore, moved along with family to Sri Lanka, where she had her initial upbringing. Having studied in British schools, Moorjani had to go through travails for being an coloured Asian. She has a multicultural background and she knows Sindhi, Cantonese and English. She worked in the corporate field for years before she was diagnosed with cancer in 2002.

Out Of The Body Experience

While she was working in Hongkong, In the month of February 2002, Anita was diagnosed with a lump on her neck which proved to be cancerous. Although Moorjani refused the conventional medicines since she had seen her best friend and brother-in-law die due to cancer, despite the best medical treatment given to them. Moorjani's disease was identified as Lymphoma. She tried alternative medicines extensively at this point however they failed to have any effect on her. Giving it all up, she got herself admitted to a hospital where doctors opined that she had entered the final stage of cancer which had surely no cure as they found the lymphoma spread all over her body. Her organs had shut down and she entered coma. Unable to move due to a deep coma, Anita entered another realm, where she found immense love and comfort and peace. She was offered a choice to return or stay there, and finally she agreed to return to earth, as she was advised to go back and live a fearless life. Doctors had predicted that she had a few more hours of life left on the morning of February 2, 2006.

Return From The Other Realm

She returned from coma 30 hours later when she gave a thrilling account of her experiences after life. The experiences she recounted were characteristic of the NDE experiences narrated by the survivors so far. She had an out of the body experience with an intact awareness about her physical surroundings. As per Moorjani, she felt a deep disgust over her suffering body and refused to enter it back. But upon insistence from her dead father, she entered the body again to live, as they had advised, a fearless life.

Quick Recovery

Moorjani's tumours, after she came back into this world, shrank by about 70% in size within just four days and within 5 weeks, was back to normal, cancerfree, had to attend physiotherapy sessions to regain her physical activities. She submitted all these experiences to the NDE research foundation website run by an oncologist. Then her story was noticed by an American self-help author. Wayne Dyer who encouraged her to write a book on her experiences.

Moorjani's Books

Two weeks after the release of her book "Dying to be Me" was published in 2012, it gained immense popularity, sold a million copies and got published in over 40 languages. She also subsequently published three more books, "What if this is Heaven" "Love - A Story About Who You Truly Are", and most recently, the "Sensitive is the New Strong" Her book is a beacon of inspiration and a wand that heals the mind of any terminal illness sufferer and equips them to heal themselves with the power of mind over the body.

Story first published: Monday, January 23, 2023, 5:38 [IST]
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