Why Lord Ganesha Likes Modaka?


We all know how dear Modakas are to Lord Ganesha. In his every portrayal, he is seen with a container filled with Modakas. Because they are so dear to Lord Ganesha, no puja is considered without offering him the Modakas. Though he is offered ladoo as well, modaks are what he likes to eat the most. There is a story that is associated with Modakas being so favourite to our dear Lord Ganesha. Read on to know more.

Rishi Attri Invited Lord Shiva And Family

Once Rishi Attri and his wife Anusuya invited Lord Shiva and his family for dinner. Lord Shiva, along with Goddess Parvati and Little Ganesha went to their house. But as is well known to all, Lord Ganesha could not control his hunger for too long. He kept on telling his mother that he was hungry. Therefore, when the food was ready, Anusuya said she would serve little Ganesha first. Ganesha was so hungry that he continuously went on eating. Anusuya kept on serving, but his hunger did not seem satisfied.

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Finally, Mata Anusuya remembered the sweet dish that she had herself prepared and which had many benefits. She immediately brought that and asked Ganesha to eat it. Now, little Ganesha loved sweets so much that he immediately grasped it from her hands and gulped it in one go. And to everybody's surprise, his tummy was so full that he asked for nothing else after that. Another surprising thing was that not only Lord Ganesha but Lord Shiva too felt like not eating anything at all, though the dish was eaten by Ganesha.

So magical was this new kind of dish. Wondering what the dish was, Goddess Parvati then asked Anusuya what the name of the dish was and how it was prepared. It was then that they came to know, it was the Modaka. Since then, the Modakas have been known as the favourite sweet dish of Lord Ganesha. Modak is therefore offered in every puja dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

Goddess Parvati Prepared The Special Modaka

Once Goddess Parvati also prepared special Modakas for both the brothers - Ganesha and Kartikeya. She told them that it was a divine Modaka and contained nectar. Upon eating it, one will become a master in arts and literature. Eating this Modaka would also render great health benefits along with the delicious taste. Both the brothers were tempted to eat the Modaka.

However, Goddess Parvati would not make it so easy for them to have the Modaka. After all, it was a divine Modaka. She told that a race will be conducted between both of them. The goal would be taking a round of the whole world. The one who completes the set target or say that who ever is the winner will get a bigger share of the divine Modak. Both the boys got ready for the race. The moment the race started, Lord Kartikeya flew away with his mount peacock to take a round around the world. But Ganesha had no such mount to ride on.

He immediately went to his father and asked him for a vehicle, so that the competition is fair. Lord Shiva granted his wish to have a vehicle and gave him a mouse. But how could he go around the world sitting on the mouse? Just then he realized that the whole world for a child resides in his parents. Therefore, he declared that since his parents are the whole world for him, he will take a round around them.

Both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati really appreciated him for it and he was declared the winner of the race. Lord Ganesha therefore got the bigger share of the divine Modaka.

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