Interesting Stories About Lord Parashuram

Lord Parashuram was the sixth Avatar of Lord Maha Vishnu. The day that he was born is celebrated every year as Parashurama Jayanti. The tritiya of Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakha is believed to be the day that Lord Parashurama was born to the sage Jamadagni and mother Renuka.

The aim of the Lords incarnation was to rid the earth of the sinful Kshatriyas who were troubling their subjects. They were also neglecting their dharma and karma.

interesting stories about lord Parashuram

The Muhurat of Parashurama Jayanti

The date as per the Gregorian calender, Parashuram Jayanti will be observed on the 18th of April, 2018. The Tritiya tithi begins at 03.45 on 18th April, 2018, and ends at 01.29 on the 19th April, 2018.

It is interesting to note that Lord Parashurama is the only Avatar of Lord Vishnu that hasn't met with his death. It is believed that Lord Parashurama still roams the earth. This is reason that he is not as popularly worshipped as his other avatars of Lord Maha Vishnu like Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.

It is believed that Lord Parashurama will come back into the public view when Lord Kalki arrives. He will become the martial Guru and mentor of Lord Kalki.

Today, we shall mention some of the interesting and popular tales and facts about Lord Parashurama to commemorate Lord Parashurama's birth anniversary.

• Lord Parashurama And His Axe

Parashurama's name itself means Rama who has the axe or 'Parashu'. The axe is Lord Parashurama's weapon of choice. This axe was given to him by Lord Shiva. Lord Parashurama was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He performed intense penance at the end of which, a pleased Lord Shiva gifted him with an axe.

• Lord Parashurama Gifted Sage Kashyapa The Earth

It is said that Lord Parashurama rid the earth of all the Kshatriya and rulers 21 times. He then performed a yagna with the help of Sage Kashyapa and received all of the land on earth as a result. But he was not interested in ruling the earth. Therefore, he gave away all the land to Sage Kashyapa in alms.

• Killing Of Kartaveerya

It is said that the rampage of Lord Parashurama in which he killed all the Kshatriyas 21 times started when King Kartaveerya who stole the holy calf from his father's ashram. When Lord Parashurama went to rescue the calf, King Kartaveerya fought the Lord and met with his death. The King's son decided to avenge this father's death and killed Sage Jamadagni. This enraged Lord Parashurama and he went on a mad killing spree, which ended in the annihilation of the Kshatriyas.

• Lord Parashurama Killed His Own Mother

Lord Parashurama's mother Renuka was so devoted to her husband that her chastity gave her the powers that let her even fetch water without a pot. One day, she saw a Gandharva at the river and for a second, her mind was filled with desire. This caused the water to liquefy and drench her. Sage Jamadagni, with his yogic powers, deciphered what had happened.

In his rage, he asked all his sons one by one to kill their mother. Everyone refused and was cursed by the sage to be turned into a stone. Lord Parashuram was very obedient and immediately picked up his axe and beheaded his mother. His obedience pleased the sage. The sage asked Lord Parashuram to ask for a boon. As his reward, Lord Parashuram asked his father to revive his mother and his brothers which Sage Jamadagni happily did.

• Lord Parashurama Fought With Lord Shiva

Lord Parashurama was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. But he had to fight his beloved deity when Lord Shiva challenged him to test him. The battle was intense and fierce. In the end, Lord Parashurama attacked with such force that his axe struck Lord Shiva on his forehead. Seeing his skill, a happy Lord Shiva embraced him with love. This incident gave Lord Shiva the name - Khanda Parashu.

• Karna's Curse

Karna, Kunti Devi's illegitimate son wished to be mentored by Lord Parashurama. But Lord Parashurama had vowed not to tutor any Kshatriya. Karna then lied to Lord Parashurama that he was a Brahmin and not a Kshatriya. When Lord Parashurama came to know about this, he was enraged. He cursed Karna that he would forget all his skills that he'd gained through a lie at a moment that he requires it the most. It is this curse that ultimately caused Karna's death in the war at Kurukshetra.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 6:00 [IST]
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