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‘Bois Locker Room’: Delhi Boys Share Pictures Of Minor Girls And Talk About Raping Them

It is not uncommon to see a man whistling at a woman from across the street or a male co-worker talking to a woman's breast or try to get a glimpse down your shirt. While women's safety has been confined to outrage and debates, to make people know about the offline sexism and objectification, women took the help of #metoo and #timesup movements.

Recently, a group of Delhi schoolboys were glorifying rape in a chat group and the Instagram stories, screenshots and tweets shook the netizens. These boys used social media platforms as a misogyny ground to objectify women.

The screenshots are from an Instagram group named 'Bois (Boys) Locker Room'. The participants of the group were teenage boys from South Delhi who were passing lewd comments on girls and were objectifying them. And no they didn't stop there, and also discussed how to gangrape a girl. 'We will together gangrape her' is what their chat read. Another shocking thing is that all the girls who are being shamed in this group are minors. The chat group got busted and currently, the Delhi police is probing the controversy.

One of the participants of the group even said, 'It's been too long since I sent the id's of girls'.

The sad part of this incident is that the girls whose private pictures were being shared in the group were all underage. Not only this, but the boys are also barely 16-18 years old. The participants of the group were sharing the morphed pictures of the girls, were abusing them and passing filthy comments. They were also judging the age of various girls.

This incident came into light after a girl shared all the screenshots through her social media handles. She might have received the screenshots from the boys who are her friends and also participants of the alleged group. The girl said that the group was active for a long time where the members were sharing pictures of girls without their information. She warned the boys along with some of her friends but in return, the boys discussed circulating the nude pictures of those girls.

Soon the screenshots and the tweets went viral.

It was not only on Instagram but also on Snapchat where the boys didn't think twice before putting such bad opinions. Delhi Police Cyber Crime Cell has taken cognisance of the matter&started probe. On the basis of social media reports, a case has been registered under relevant sections of IT Act &other relevant IPC sections: DCP Cyber Cell on Delhi schoolboys glorifying rape on an Instagram chatroom.

However, in the recent investigation carried out by Delhi Police found that a girl was involved in a similar conversation on Snapchat. The girl was pretending to be a boy under a fake account. This incident took place way before then the Bois Locker Room group chat. The girl intended to test the character of her friend. The police officials are still trying to find out how did the Snapchat case got mixed up with the alleged Instagram group chat. They said, "She wanted to judge the boy's character to see if he engages with the person talking of her sexual assault or not."

"It is a possibility that due to its sensational nature, the Snapchat screenshot got mixed up with the 'Bois Locker Room' case. But the Snapchat chat happened much before the Bois Locker Room group chat. There is a time lag between the two. We are investigating how the two got mixed up," said the police officials.

This is not the first time when women are seen as mere objects. This is not a mistake that can be forgiven. Passing such lewd comments at the tender age of 16-18 clearly shows the misogynist and sick mentality that is prevalent in society. This is no less than encouraging child-pornography and rape culture.

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