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Thermography: Procedure, Benefits & Risks
One of the best imaging methods currently being used in the medical sector is thermography. This method is used to assess the temperature of various areas of the body. Increased metabolism due to inflammatory pathologies or muscle spasms can lead to ...
Thermography Procedure Uses Risks

Ideal Body Temperature For Babies
With an infant at home, parents need to be extra careful with everything that happens around the child and with the child. Parents dedicate their time and attention so that an infant is healthy and secured in every possible way, but ...
Ideal Body Temperature For Babies
Methods Of Checking Your Baby’s Temperature
Babies are bound to get sick. Statistics say that during the first year of their life, babies can get sick as often as 4 times. Keeping a track of your baby's temperature is an important part of caring for your baby ...
Common Symptoms Of Heat Stroke That You Need To Be Aware Of
Our body has the ability to regulate temperature normally. When it gets too hot, it uses some strategies to cool down, like sweating. If a person spends too much time in the hot weather without consuming enough fluids, the cooling process ...
Common Symptoms Of Heat Stroke That You Need To Be Aware Of
Is Hot Shower Bad For Your Skin?
Is hot shower bad for skin? This is a question we have asked ourselves too many times to admit! How can something that feels so insanely good be bad for us, right? After a hard day at work, when your brain ...
Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Fever
Sometimes, a fever could just be a result of a stressful day at work, or a tiresome phase that accompanies sleepless nights. A fever can just be a dip in your immunity levels too. When you fall sick, you may need ...
How To Get Rid Of Fever
Why Fever Increases During Night
Fever is basically a response of the body to a developing illness. It is often accompanied by cold and body aches. In such a condition, the reasons are easily predictable and hence the treatment too is easy enough but then there ...
Growing Coriander In Your Garden
Coriander is a commonly used spice in most households and is also called cilantro. Coriander is a herb and it's seeds are used to spice your dishes up. The leaves of coriander are also very useful and is added in many ...
Growing Coriander In Your Garden
New Eco-Friendly Teflon Cookware
Scientists have identified a catalyst that efficiently breaks the C-F bond and converts it to a carbon-hydrogen bond, rendering it harmless to the environment, which might lead to eco-friendly Teflon cookware. Though the strength of the C-F ...
Evolutionary Origins Of The Brain
Scientists at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute say that they have gained fresh insights into the evolutionary origins of the brain, and how it evolved into the remarkably complex structure found in humans. ...
Human Brain Evolution Nervous System
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