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7 Ways Stress Affects Your Body And Tips To Get Rid Of It
Stress. It's everywhere. Or at least it's a word you hear someone around you say once a day. 80% of the world's population has reported experiencing stress on a daily basis. Many in the age group of 15-25 report to needing ...
Ways Stress Affects Your Body And Tips To Get Rid Of It

What Causes Premature Birth?
As women go through the pregnancy, the health of their child is always on the forefront of their minds. Every aspect of a pregnant woman's life is spent in making sure that the pregnancy goes on smoothly and that it ends ...
What Causes Premature Birth
Dark Chocolate Can Reduce Stress, Says New Study
Chocolate lovers rejoice! Consumption of dark chocolate can reduce stress and inflammation, and may even boost your mood, immunity and memory, according to a latest study. The researchers have said that this could be due to the high concentration of cacao ...
Stress Is Linked With Weight Gain, Scientists Reveal
Stress is a very common term thrown around casually whenever one is feeling pressurized or burdened because of various factors known as stressors like overloading work, functions, exams etc. However, what exactly is stress? Stress is nothing but a physical, bodily ...
Stress Is Linked With Weight Gain Scientists Reveal
10 Foods That Are Good For Gut Health
Do you know there are certain foods that will keep your gut bacteria healthy? Yes, you read that right! Gut bacteria live inside your gut, which are about 300 to 500 different kinds of bacteria containing nearly 2 million genes. Interesting, ...
10 Simple Home Remedies To Eliminate Stress
Nowadays, with too much of work pressure and other added responsibilities, our physical and mental health tends to be affected because of stress. Most people experience stress when they encounter a threatening situation, the body instinctively reacts by unleashing too many ...
Simple Home Remedies To Eliminate Stress
10 Ways To Relax At Home After Work
After a long hard-working day, everybody wants to get back to their cozy place that is their home. You want to go home and relax and let go of the pressure of the stressful day. If you are a person who ...
10 Best Relaxing Drinks To Make At Home
Whenever we run low on energy, we turn upto energy drinks. They have become incredibly popular over the years that promise to fuel up our body. But, you might have also experienced that the energy stays only for a short duration ...
Best Relaxing Drinks To Make At Home
How To Help Your Child Deal With Exam Stress
The board exams of the year 2018 have begun. With the exams come the stress and the strain that the students have to deal with. Board exams are indeed one of the most important tests that a child gives during his ...
How To Manage Stress And Anxiety During Pregnancy
Women nowadays manage many roles. They manage their homes and jobs rather effortlessly. They lead a much stressed lifestyle as a result of this. But the stress level during pregnancy can harm the foetus. Pregnancy is a very exciting phase, especially ...
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