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Sindhi Mutton Pulao: Rice Lover's Treat
Pulao recipes are a favourite with Indian food lovers. The very idea of the Indian cuisine is incomplete without dishes like the Sindhi pulao. This particular pulao recipe belongs to the North West Frontier province that was part of the British ...
Sindhi Mutton Pulao Recipe

Vangi Bhath: Brinjal Rice From South
Vangi Bhath or rice cooked with brinjal is a traditional South Indian recipes. Vangi bhath is most commonly seen as a part of the Karnataka cuisine. It is a spicy and rich rice recipe that defines the excellence of Indian food. ...
Bengali Sweet Pulao Recipe
There is big misconception in the world that all the Indian dishes are spicy. That is why, we present to you a pulao recipe that will suit the taste buds of people globally. Sweet pulao or Mishti pulao is a Bengali ...
Sweet Pulao Recipe
7 Biryani Recipes For Eid
The festive blast in India continues. After the 10 day long festivities of Navratri, we are ready to celebrate Bakra Eid now. No Eid celebration is truly complete with delicious foods. Eid recipes like kebabs, sheera, razala and most importantly biryani ...
Aromatic Onion Pulao Recipe
Onions are usually added to make a dish tasty. But rarely do we see that onion is the soul ingredient of a dish. That is why an Indian rice recipe like onion pulao is very unique. Needless to say that onion ...
Onion Pulao Recipe
Clove Rice: A Quick Recipe
Love the smell of cloves? Cloves can be counted as one of the favourite spice among all the flavouring agents. So, this time we will try a rice recipe using cloves. This rice recipe is called clove rice. Clove rice is ...
Tuna Rice: A Spicy Dish
Tuna is among one of the tastiest fishes. Most of the people who are fish lovers simply love to gobble on a tuna recipe. Here we will make a tuna rice recipe. This is one of the most yummy and mouth ...
Tuna Rice Recipe
Authentic Kolkata Biryani Recipe
Kolkata is a pilgrimage for biryani lovers. If you call yourself a biryani lover, Kolkata's special biryani is simply must try. Biryani recipes can be described simply as rice and meat cooked in layers of spices. Biryani as a form of ...
Tahiri: Awadhi Biryani For Vegetarians!
Tahiri is a special treat for vegetarians who complain that there is no biryani for them. The concept of a vegetarian biryani is usually considered redundant. Biryani is rice and meat cooked together in layers. But tahiri is not a meat-less ...
Tahiri Vegetarian Biryani Recipe
Spicy Tomato Garlic Rice Recipe
Rice is a staple dish in many countries. When talking about India, rice is very common in southern and eastern states like West Bengal, Bihar and Assam to name a few. Rice is most commonly teamed up with sambhar or dal ...
Masala Bhaat For Ganesh Chaturthi
Maharashtra's biggest festival, Ganesh Chaturthi has commenced. This 10 days festival is widely celebrated across the streets and corners of Maharashtra. Several sweet dishes and special recipes are prepared every day to celebrate the festival. When it comes to sweets, ...
Masala Bhaat Recipe
Fried Rajma Rice: A Quick Recipe
Want a rice recipe that can be made in minutes and is yet tasty and nutritious? Here is fried rice recipe for the purpose. We will prepare fried rajma rice in the Indian style. The process of cooking and most of ...
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