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Emotional Attachment-When Shed....
Emotional Attachment, When It Is Shed... Continued from Pleasures of life-Their Fleeting Nature Realisation of the changing nature of things reduces emotional attachment to the worldThe first great change it brings about is that it drastically reduces your emotional ...
Emotional Attachment Changing Nature

Pleasures Of Life-Their Fleeting Nature
Continued from the previous part-The World changes, the Lord remains The sight of a diseased man, an old man and a dead man was enough for Prince Siddhartha to realize the impermanence of everything. He was a quick learner — ...
Prayer To Swami Vivekananda-True Patriotism
Continued from A Prayer to Swamiji-Swami VivekanandaTo realize this great ideal you further declared that the pure passion of (true) patriotism must burn bright in our hearts, and to the would - be - patriots you gave the following exhortation: ...
Prayer To Swami Vivekananda True Patriotism
A Prayer To Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda)
Text of a talk (a prayer to Swamiji) delivered on the occasion of unveiling of Swami Vivekananda's bronze statue at the Vivekananda Udyan, Mahim in Bombay on 11 September 1988. O Swamiji, the all-powerful Vibhuti of Sri Ramakrishna, ...
Ramana Maharshi's Biography-Departure To Arunachala
Continued from the previous part of Ramana Maharshi's biography-Death Experience.This part of Ramana Maharshi's biography deals with His leaving home for Arunachala.Venkataraman's changed mode of life and indifference to studies drew forth critical remarks from his uncle and elder brother. Six ...
Ramana Maharshi Departure To Arunachala
Freedom From Body
Continued from the previous part (Spiritual Freedom)Death does not give you freedom from the body, it just substitutes one body for another. What is meant by 'freedom' in this context is mastery over the demands of the body. The body ...
Degrees Of Freedom-Part II (Spiritual Freedom)
The concept of spiritual freedom, therefore, must be clearly distinguished from the idea of freedom as it is commonly understood in daily life. Only when one begins to feel like the convict described at the beginning of this article, when the ...
Degrees Freedom Spiritual Moksha
Degrees of Freedom
Imagine a convict, hands and feet bound in chains, locked up in a cell of a tight security prison. He is serving a life sentence. Time has come to a standstill for him. He's all alone, with no companions save ...
Kabir-Part V
xKabir Death, BiographyContinued From Part IV For some inexplicable reason, Kabir left Kashi in 1518 for a nearby town, Maghar, at the ripe old age of 120. Here came his end. At the time of death he sang in joy ...
Kabir Biography Death Panth Teachinga
Fear Of Old Age
The Reality of Old Age The saint-poet Bhartrihari describes old age in the following words: Pleasure has no longer any attraction for us; the world no longer respects us: our contemporaries have died away one by one; ...
Old Age Fear Problems Reality
The Grandest Of All Truths-Part IV
There is no such species called 'ordinary people.' Every one of us is extraordinary. No exception there. Each soul is not only potentially divine but also equally divine. The degree of manifestation of divinity may vary, but the quality of divinity ...
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