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Do You Think Psychiatrist & Psychologists Are The Same?
When it comes to mental health, we often hear about two types of doctors - psychologistsand psychiatrists. Both deal with treating the mental health and have overlapping areas of expertise. Both of them deal with the mind and how it functions ...
Rate Your Boss Performance
Companies are being urged to allow staff to rate their managers' ability. This practice of letting the boss know what his employees think of them through constructive feedback, will make employees happy, healthy and stress-free, according to ...
Managers Workers Workplace Stress
How Can The Lost Wallet Find Its Way To Your Pocket?
Lost your wallet and some money or important cards in it? Are you worrying whether the wallet will ever find its way back to your pocket? After all do you have a baby picture in that wallet? Then don’t ...
Lost Wallet Baby Picture
Be Confident To Win The Exams!
Do you want your children to excel in academics? The, be confident! If you consider yourself to be smarter than others, your children are also likely to think the same way because intellectual confidence is genetically inherited.Intellectual confidence ...
Chase Away The Cartoon Characters!
Your kid may gulp up two extra spoons of food if they are watching their favourite cartoon in the television. But it is time to chase away Tom & Jerry, Digimon, Bugs Bunny, Pokeman and Scooby Doo to ...
Cartoon Kids Behaviour
Sharing Feelings Not Help Overcome Trauma
A traumatic experience may cause its sufferers to look for friends to share their emotions with, but a new research suggests that bottling up the shocking feelings may be the best way to deal with such an ordeal. ...
Eating Blueberries May Keep Your Memory Intact In Old Age
Washington : Blueberries are exactly what you should eat if you are getting forgetful with age, says a new study. A research team from the University of Reading and the Peninsula Medical School in the Southwest of England has found that ...
Blueberries Old Age Memory
'Happiness Is In The Genes'
Washington, Don't worry, be happy is an age old advice, but going by a recent study it seems being merry is not always under our control -- Happiness has its roots in the genes as well. ...
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