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This Dad Killed His Twins With A Hammer!
Drugs can make a person feel great in no time, but a little do they know that these feel-good moments increase over a period of time and the person can become an addict even without realising it. You May Also Read: ...
This Dad Killed His Twins With A Hammer

Killer Kids And Their Horrendous Crimes
There is no age limit for crime and when it comes to kids, there is no filter to the list of crimes that these youngsters have done. Here are shocking stories of child murderers that can completely shake you once you ...
Killer Kids And Their Horrendous Crimes
This Man Stabbed His Wife To Death!
Anger can make a person do anything and murdering a person in a fit of rage is not something new! Here, in this article, we are about to share the case of a dentist man named Umesh Bobale who stabbed his ...
This Dad Twisted The Baby's Genitals!
No doubt drugs make a person feel great, but do you realise that when these drugs are not available a person becomes insane? Here is a case of a young man who killed his own son by squeezing his genitals and ...
This Dad Twisted The Babys Genitals
Chilling Murders + Suicide That Shook The World
Being low or depressed should not be a problem to commit suicide. It is not the end of the world. Instead, learn to find out ways to come out of such situations. Here, in this article, we are about to share ...
Crazy Killers And Their Love Stories
Love is something that can happen to us at any point of time. It is a beautiful experience that anybody would want to definitely experience. The best part about it is that people who have been serving patrol also have found ...
Crazy Killers And Their Love Stories
List Of Top Psycho Women Killers
The words "serial killer" make you imagine a guy who has a dagger or a machete in his hand who mercilessly kills people around him. Well, what if the serial killer turns out to be a woman? Sounds crazy right? In ...
Bizarre Weapons People Used For Murder
Have you been a witness to a murder or have you heard of a drastic murder case recently? If you have, one of the main things police look for apart from finding out details of the victim, is the weapon that ...
5 Deadliest Hit Men You Wouldn't Have Heard Of
The World has seen numerous drug lords, mobsters and war lords. How do you think these people became famous? Do you think they went about killing people themselves? If that were the case, they wouldn't have made it to the fame ...
Deadliest Hit Men In The World
Jennifer Hudson Plans To Dispose Tragedy House
Jennifer Hudson plans to dispose her Chicago home.The Chicago home of Jennifer Hudson must have turned out to become a murder house to the actress/singer, following the murder of her family members. Her mother Darnell Donerson and brother, Jason, were ...
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