No. 1 Serial Killer In The World "Thug Behram" Who Killed 931 Indians!

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We have heard a lot about many serial killers like Charles Sobhraj or Jack The Ripper or even Ted Bundy who sexually assaulted and killed his victims before keeping their severed heads in his apartment as trophies.

These stories still do give a chill every time we hear about these merciless killers who enjoyed the screams of innocent victims and went barbarian in killing several lives.

In India, back in the 17th and early 18th century, we did have a serial killer who has been known to have killed over 900 innocent victims. He was none other than "Thug Behram".

He was known as "the king of thugs" and was known to kill the victims in a unique way. He killed people between the years 1790-1840.


He used a "rumal" which is nothing but a handkerchief to strangle his victims. The rumal had a special coin sewed in the centre and it helped him strangle his victims easily by blocking the adam's apple and choking his victims to death.

When he was confronted, he clamined to have murdered over 125 men with his bare hands and over 150 men with his rumal.

An East India Company officer, known as James Paton, who was working for the "Thuggee and Dacoity Office" in the 1830s wrote a manuscript on Thuggee.

In this, he describes about how mercilessly Behram had killed his victims. This serial killer is said to have been hanged to death when he was 75 years of age.

Such stories make a chill run down our spine when we hear to them and these men did serve as a symbol of the most feared "inhuman beings". This is just a little update on Thug Behram.

Stay tuned to our section to know more about such interesting, blood-curdling stories and facts about more such serial killers across the world who shocked the world with their inhuman nature.

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