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Suffering From PCOS? Then You Might Be At A Risk Of This
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the common health issue among women, especially in their child-bearing age. Whatever might be the cause, but PCOS can have a serious impact. Infertility is one of the major consequences. This apart, there are ...
Pcos And Mental Problem Risk

World Mental Health Day: Foods That Will Keep You Mentally Fit
October 10th each year is celebrated as ‘World Mental Health Day' to create awareness regarding mental health issues which are on the rise nowadays. A mental illness is defined as behavioural or mental issue which makes it difficult for a person ...
Rare Gene Variant Behind Schizophrenia Identified
The moment you hear of schizophrenia, it sends a shrill feeling in your mind. So recently, Japanese scientists have identified a rare gene variant that plays a fundamental role in increasing the risk of schizophrenia - a chronic and severe mental ...
Rare Gene Variant Behind Schizophrenia Identified
Researchers Find Internet Overuse Leads To Mental Problems
Are you hooked to the internet all the time? Then there is some bad news for you. A recent research conducted by scientists of Etiologically Elusive Disorders Research Network (EEDRN) along with doctors from AIIMS and neurobiologists, New Delhi have found ...
New Smartphone App To Help Manage Mental Illness Developed
Scientists have developed a smartphone app to help middle-aged and older adults self- manage their mental illness and other chronic conditions. The app takes patients through 10 sessions over a period of about three months, covering topics such as stress vulnerability ...
New Smartphone App To Help Manage Mental Illness Developed
Avoiding Negative Emotions May Lead To Mental Stress: Study
Resisting your darkest emotions can cause stress and poor mental health, according to a study which suggests embracing negative feelings may help people feel better. "We found that people who habitually accept their negative emotions experience fewer negative emotions, which adds ...
Excess Smartphone Use Bad For Mental Health: Study
 Excess use of smartphone and other devices may lead to attention, behaviour and self-regulation problems for adolescents already at risk for mental health issues, warns new research."Also, on days at-risk adolescents use technology more, they experience more conduct problems and higher ...
Do You Think Psychiatrist & Psychologists Are The Same?
When it comes to mental health, we often hear about two types of doctors - psychologistsand psychiatrists. Both deal with treating the mental health and have overlapping areas of expertise. Both of them deal with the mind and how it functions ...
Psychiatrist Psychologist Not Same Mental Health
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