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How To Deal With Cradle Cap In Babies
Cradle cap is a generic term for a medical condition known as seborrheic dermatitis in infants. It is usually a greasy and scaly rash somewhat yellowish in colour that appears on the scalp of infants who are 1 to 3 months ...
How To Get Rid Of Cradle Cap In Babies

What Causes Hirschsprung’s Disease In Infants?
All of us who have given birth to babies have often heard the doctor saying that it is important for the newborn infant to pass stools within 48 hours of its birth. Though this is important for a lot of reasons, ...
Home Remedies For Oral Thrush In Infants & Kids
Your little one is so small and vulnerable that any discomfort to your baby can be very worry some to you. Finding a white patch in your baby's mouth can be terrifying especially if you do not know what to expect. ...
Home Remedies For Oral Thrush In Infants And Kids
Is Your Child's Heart Beat Normal?
The human heart beat has a particular rhythm. The heart has a particular way of beating which allows it to function normally. If the heart beats too fast or skips a beat, it is considered as abnormal. Abnormal heart rate in ...
How To Prevent Accidental Poisoning In Toddlers
Babies and toddlers tend to put everything into their mouths. It is an inbuilt reflex that makes the babies and toddlers do this. It is way in which they feel the world around them and learn more about it. Apart from ...
Accidental Poisoning In Childhood
Homemade Foods For Infants Not Always A Healthy Choice: Study
Home-cooked meals, specifically made for infants and young children, are not always healthier than commercially available baby foods, a new research suggests.The findings indicated that home-cooked meals, which are often perceived as the best option, usually exceed energy density and dietary ...
Home Made Foods For Infants Not Always A Healthy Choice
10 Best Soft Foods For Indian Babies
That little bundle of joy in your arms grows at a pretty fast rate in the initial years. From being a sleeping baby your child will be sitting and soon running around before you know it. To keep up with this ...
Summer Tips For The New Born
Tending for a new born baby is an emotional experience. Summer babies are healthier as they are less likely to catch cold and become sick. But summer has its own set of worries for the new mothers due to soaring heat. ...
Summer Tips For The New Born
5 Common Baby Behavioural Patterns
A new born brings in lot of changes in every parents life. Immense happiness and joy as well as plenty of crying and tantrums. However, a newborn's behaviour changes from baby to baby. Some baby behavioural patterns might be similar to ...
Common Baby Behaviour
How To Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?
If the postnatal phase is very risky for mothers then it is for the babies too. Sudden infant death syndrome (called SIDS) is even till this day a mystery to medical and forensic experts. The unexplained syndrome has a certain risk ...
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