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Are Drinking Water Bottles Exposed To Sun Good For Health?
What happens when you drink water that has been exposed to the sun? Is it good or bad for health? Let's find out in this article. Both water and sunlight are important components required for the proper functioning of the body. ...
Are Drinking Water Bottles Exposed To Sun Good For Health

Cosmetic Surgery - Is It Good Or Bad For You?
Cosmetic surgery is often described as any surgical procedure which is done to enhance the appearance of a person. These surgeries boost confidence and self-esteem in people. In today's world, people want to look good all the time. The beauty standards ...
How To Smell Good All Day? Without The Use Of A Perfume
No one would want to start their day with others telling them about the nasty "stink". Yes, the body odour can sometimes really put off a person when he/she over-hears people talking at his/her back. Instead, one must take personal initiatives ...
How To Smell Good All Day Without The Use Of Perfume
Here's Good News For Coffee Lovers: They Live Longer
Drinking coffee could lead to a longer life, according to a new study reported by US researchers at the University of Southern California (USC).In a study of more than 180,000 participants, the researchers found that people who drank regular or decaffeinated ...
Empathy May Be Key To Partners' Good Health: Study
Showing empathy to your partner or spouse suffering from chronic pain or with osteoarthritis may improve his or her physical functioning over time, a new study has showed.The results showed that patients with spouses who responded to their expressions of pain ...
Empathy May Be Key To Partners Good Health Study
How Exercise, Good Diet Helps Prevent Osteoarthritis
Lifestyle changes such as improved diet, increased physical activity and weight loss may help prevent osteoarthritis, a common form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis disproportionately affects post-menopausal women who are more pre-disposed to the condition because of biology, genetics and hormones. Currently ...
Here Is How Running & Marathon Helps Strengthen Mental Health
Worshipers of strength and stamina may find in marathon runners their ideals for veneration, but what they perhaps do not realise is that distance running is also associated with superior mental health. The therapeutic/remedial effects of running extend far beyond physical ...
Marathon As Good For The Mind As For The Body Experts
How Much Good Fat Is A Good Amount?
Body weight plays a significant role in how much benefit children may get from consuming "good" fats, a new research suggests. Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids  found naturally in foods including salmon, walnuts and soybeans -has shown to lower blood pressure ...
Starch In Bananas, Potatoes Can Do These To Your Health
Consuming foods such as bananas, potatoes, grains and legumes that are rich in resistant starch may help check blood sugar, enhance satiety as well as improve gut health, a study has found. Resistant starch is a form of starch that is ...
Why Starch In Bananas Potatoes May Be Good For Health
Why Your Body Needs Good Cholesterol?
While it is widely known that cholesterol may be bad for the health of the heart, a new study has showed that not having enough good cholesterol can also be bad. The findings showed that for young individuals, under the age ...
Gross Foods That Are Actually Healthy For You
Gulping down slimy looking foods is not a good idea at all. We tend to cringe when we watch such scenes in the movies. Some faint-hearted ones might even end up throwing up. But what if we tell you that there ...
Gross Foods That Are Actually Healthy For You
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