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Here’s Why Ganga River Is Known As Bhagirathi
Ganga river is one of the important rivers in India. It originates from the Gangotri glacier and flows throughout the North and North-Eastern India and flows through the Bay of Bengal. The river has huge religious importance for people belonging to ...
Why Ganga River Is Also Known As Bhagirathi

Significance And Importance Of Ganga Saptami
Just a bath in the holu River Ganga, and  Goddess Ganga will remit all your sins. Just a drop of the water from the River Ganaga, and the whole of your house becomes pure. Ganga is the most sacred for the ...
The Story Of Mother Ganga
River Ganga is an important part of the Hindu Mythology. To the Hindus, the river Ganga is not just a river. The river Ganga is an all giving, and an all-forgiving mother to them. They call the river Ganga as 'Ganga ...
The Story Of Mother Ganga
three sons of the late shehnai legend Bharat Ratna
Varanasi, Nov 21 (UNI) The three sons of the late shehnai legend Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan gave a grand beginning to the three-day Ganga Mahotsava on the banks of Ganga river here this evening. The trinity comprising Khan Sahib's musical ...
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