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  • Do you think yourself to be as good as the person living in your neighbourhood? Are you worried about whether you look as good as your new colleague does? Or you may feel that the life of your colleague is better ...
  • Why exactly do we compare ourselves with others? We compare ourselves because we have never understood ourselves and are not aware of who we are and what we have. It is also because society has conditioned us from our birth to ...
  • Jealousy has no solid existence. Jealousy is like darkness. Darkness does not have an independent, positive existence. Darkness is not the presence of something. Darkness is just the absence of light. In the same way, jealousy has no ...
  • Marriage! The most awaited and golden moment in your life. The carefree life that you have enjoyed till yesterday is giving way to new realms of relationship. In an arranged marriage many couple will wonder at the initial stage "Can I ...
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