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How Climate Change Affects Your Sleep & Overall Health
Climate change that leads to warmer than normal nights can do major harm to human sleep, researchers say. The findings showed that abnormal increases in night temperature by 1 degree Celsius can translate to three nights of insufficient sleep per 100 ...
Unable To Sleep Blame Climate Change
Hot Weather May Up Risk Of Diabetes In Pregnancy
Pregnant women should not expose themselves to temperatures averaging 24 degrees Celsius or above, as they would run the risk of developing gestational diabetes, researchers said.In comparison, women who remained in colder climates with temperatures averaging minus 10 degrees or colder, ...
Why You Should Wear A Scarf In Winter
When the climate gets colder, you may need to protect your system from many health issues like cold, back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. Instead of using pain killers or antibiotics, using a scarf can be a preventive measure. Some ...
Why You Should Wear A Scarf In Winter
Climatic Change And Its Ill Effects
The carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere is the major source of global warming and it enhances the greenhouse effect as well. During the pre-industrial time, the carbon dioxide gas was mainly emitted from the respiratory tracts of animals, from volcanic ...
Precautions To Be Taken During Heat Wave
Heat waves can kill; they are deadly! Well, what's a heat wave? It is nothing but excessive heat in the atmosphere for long periods of time. Symptoms Of Sun Stroke The temperatures may go way beyond the average-maximum temperature ...
Precautions During Heat Wave
Warmer The Ocean, More The food For Fish
A new research finds that plankton, the basis of marine food webs, might grow faster in oceans that are warm. The sheer diversity of ocean food webs has made experts fear it would be impossible to predict how climate change will ...
Thunderstorms Linked To Asthma Attacks
A study conducted in the Southeastern United States has shown a link between thunderstorms and asthma attacks in the metro Atlanta area that could have a "significant public health impact. ...
Thunderstorm Asthma Attacks
'Green rage' putting relationships at risk
Britons are so committed to tackling environmental problems that they're putting their relationships with colleagues, pals and partners at stake to fight against climate changes. ...
India: Leading Global Power In 2020
A Global survey shows that nearly 72 oer cent of Indians see their country as a global power by 2020 and underlines that international perceptions about the country are increasingly becoming favourable. ...
India Leading Global Power In
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