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6 Life Lessons To Learn From Tom And Jerry
Tom and Jerry is a series of short films created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Tom is the cat and Jerry is the mouse. Each episode begins with Tom either chasing Jerry or devising an ingenious plan to ...
Six Life Lessons To Learn From Tom And Jerry

6 Things Girls Can Learn From Powerpuff Girls
Cartoon Network has brought us some of the best cartoons ever. It could be about a dog who solves mysteries with his friends [Scooby Doo], a cat who is the leader of a gang in the Manhattan alley [Top Cat] or ...
15 Cartoon Characters We Wish Were Real
There are some of the timeless classic cartoon characters we always wish were real and wanted to be connected with irrespective of being grown-ups. Right! Let's peekaboo on the lane to refresh our long lost memories and the cartoon characters ...
Fifteen Cartoon Characters We Wish Were Real
Favourite Cartoons Of The 90s
The people of today live immersed in technology that change almost on a daily basis. We are surrounded by hi-tech video games played either at home or the internet. But our world was not so full of gadgets a couple of ...
Top 5 Rich Cartoon Characters!
Who are the top cartoon characters with the most cash in the bank accounts? No, we are not talking about cartoon series that made money but literally rich cartoon characters. Famous cartoon characters who have been portrayed as wealthy on screen ...
Top Rich Cartoons
Spongebob, Now Captured In Facebook
If you have been missing the famous Nickelodeon cartoon "SpongeBob SquarePants", you no longer have to fret as all that you need to follow the new series is by simply having a Facebook account. Yes, the new series of SpongeBob SquarePants ...
Gisele Bundchen's Cartoon Series For Children
With Facebook introducing, 'change your profile pic into cartoon', the World seems to be suddenly undersatnsing the power of cartoon in sending across a message. It seems cartoons speak louder than words. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen cartoon series, 'Gisele and the Green ...
Gisele Bundchen Cartoon Children
Cartoon Characters Ruling Facebook
The recent Facebook trend of 'change your profile pic to cartoon' seems to have gained a lot of fans and millions of Facebook users have changed their profile pic to cartoon characters. It can be said that Facebook is celebrating the ...
'Facebook Cartoon Profile Pic' For Child Abuse
A campaign stared on Facebook asking people to make Facebook cartoon profile pic, to fight against child abuse. This campaign which started as a game from Greece, on mid of November, took up a more serious turn on December 6th and ...
Facebook Cartoon Profile Pic
Mickey Mouse 80th Birthday
“I hope that we never lose sight of one thing: that it was all started by a Mouse.” - Walt Disney. We remember these famous words on 80th Mickey Mouse birthday. Today is the official Mickey Mouse birthday. On November 18th ...
Cheryl In 'The Beano'
Leo Baxendale's British comic, 'The Beano' will be screened soon. The singing sensation Cheryl Cole has given a role in the comic strip.Cole was spotted for this role because of the red and black stripped outfit she boasts in her video ...
Cheryl Comic Series
Cartoon Food Packets Effect Kid's Choice
Cartoons are the favorite objects that kids love to be around. A recent study says, cartoon characters appearing on snack packets can influence a child’s taste buds.This study was conducted by Yale University’s Rudd Center ...
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