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How A Squirrel Became A Source Of Inspiration For Lord Buddha
India is a land where many great personalities have been born since time immemorial. Great personalities who were equally versed in all the disciplines have enlightened the path of millions. Lord Buddha is one amongst them; he gave birth to a ...
How A Squirrel Became A Source Of Inspiration For Lord Buddha

Stories Of Wisdom From Buddha’s Life
Every year, the Purnima is celebrated as Buddha Jayanti. It is the day on which Lord Buddha took birth for the welfare of the human kind. Born as Prince Siddhartha, Lord Buddha renounced his life of material pleasures to save the ...
The Essence Of Buddha's Teachings
Siddhartha or Gautama Buddha was one of the world's greatest spiritual figures. He propagated Buddhism which spread to many parts of the world and inspired people. Yes, Buddha was indeed an enlightened soul who preached compassion to humanity. Even today, ...
What Can We Learn From Buddha Six Lessons
Facts About The Buddha That Will Blow Your Mind
Buddhism has today taken centre stage in the discussion of religion, humanism and philosophy. With this in consideration, it is imperative that we understand the reason for Buddhism rising to prominence. The most fundamental reason that can be associated with this ...
Bodhi Day-The Day Of Buddha's Enlightenment
Bodhi day is celebrated to commemorate Buddha's enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. It falls on the the 8th day of the 12th lunar month, the eighth of December.Bodhi day is observed by Zen and Shin, traditions that stem from the Mahayana ...
Bodhi Day The Day Of Buddha Enlightenment
Buddhahood Is All Encompassing
Buddhahood is all encompassing. A short zen story reveals the truth. Basho was grieving at the death of his master. Basho was an enlightened soul and an aesthetic being. He took interest in painting and writing poems as well. ...
Beyond Life and Death
To go beyond life and death will have to be the objective of a sincere spiritual aspirant. A short story, reveals the truth.A woman named Kisa, an ardent devotee of Buddha once carried her dead daughter, born to her delight a ...
Life And Death
Osho On The Enlightenment Of Buddha's Disciples
Enlightenment can bring about a chain effect. Osho narrates a short story to explain the truth.Manjushri and Samantabhadra were two great disciples of Buddha who attained enligtenment even while Buddha was in His body.It was a practice for Manjushri to sit ...
Total Effort And Total Relaxation
Total effort and total relaxation are both required for spiritual enlightenment. The story of Buddha's enlightenment explains the truth.Buddha tried all possible ways to attain enlightenment. He approached every other Guru and practiced steadfastly their spiritual instructions, but could not ...
Osho Spiritual Enlightenment
Undo Worries With Awareness
There is a small story about Buddha and his disciples:One day Buddha arrived for his usual morning discourse with his disciples. He had a knotted handkerchief in his hand. He showed the handkerchief to the disciples and asked if any of ...
Buddha Who Was A Deer
Buddhists believe in past lives. Here is a story from the Jataka tales, about the compassionate Gautama Buddha who was a deer in one of his past lives before reincarnating as Prince Siddharta of the Skhya dynasty.There was a king ...
Jataka Tales Gautama Buddha Past Life
Muddy Mind And Pure Consciousness
A beautiful Buddhist story illustrates the state of pure consciousness.Buddha was once on His way to deliver a sermon in a village with His disciple Ananda. On their way, they crossed over a small canal and proceeded further. It was a ...
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