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In The Bliss Of The Being
To be in the bliss of the being is the ultimate state in spirituality. An ancient Chinese story, a short story conveys the truth.There was once a frog that lived in a shallow well. It once prided to a big ...
In The Bliss Of The Being

The Infinite
The bliss of the infinite is ineffable while the joy arising out of the finite is momentary. A story from the Upanishads reveals the truth.Sveta-Ketu was the son of a great Rishi called Uddalaka. One day he put forward a query, ...
Get In Touch With Your Blissful Aloneness
The big problem today is that most people don’t love themselves. Society never teaches that it is possible to love ourselves. Understand that unless you love yourself, you cannot possibly love another person. Only when you lose yourself to yourself can ...
Blissful Aloneness Loving Self
Ego Is A Closed State Of Consciousness
The way to be in bliss is to dissolve into the ocean, not to be a drop but to merge with the ocean. To be a drop is to be with ego. The ego is the root of all misery. When ...
Bliss Is Another Name For Harmony
If the cosmos is a grand ocean, we are all part of it. We are one with the ocean, not individual drops in the ocean. When we think of ourselves as individual drops, we feel separate in our boundary and in ...
The Ego Surging Love I Feeling
Bliss Befalls !
Effort on the spiritual path is needed for one's spiritual progress. However bliss will have to befall on one on its own. A short story illustrates the truth.Buddha and His disciple Ananda were once walking through the woods one day during ...
Who Are You, Friend?-Part II
Continued From The First PartA thousand questions which everyone ought to ask oneself took birth as Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and, in his austere silence and resplendent gaze, pierced everyone’s heart so that one’s eyes might turn inward in a searching self-enquiry.Bhagavan ...
Self Enquiry Bliss
Be Childlike, Become Blissful !
Just look at young children. They are so enthusiastic towards life. They are so loving. Have you ever wondered why you are not so enthusiastic as them? You were like them once upon a time, is it not? ...
Divine Bliss
The blissful state beckons one continuously, once exposed to it, until drowned in eternal bliss.A son said to his father "Father you taste a little wine, and after that if you want me to give up drinking I shall ...
Divine Bliss Short Story
To Plunge Into The Ocean Of Bliss
We have great spiritual masters always in readiness to immerse an aspirant in eternal bliss. Despite the masters' assurance of a bliss begotten state, we often ponder to take the plunge, in-spite of the impending issues that ...
Swamiji Are You Blissful?
Swamiji, do you always feel blissful? Don't you ever feel the sway of emotions? (Swamiji laughs…) Yes! I am blissful always – 24x7 in your language! This is because plurality has disappeared from my Being. When there ...
Blissful Living Handling Emotions
The Peace Within You
Again and again, scan your mind and see what it is that gives you joy. Then, start following it. Once something inside you tells you that you are moving towards a sense of permanent joy in you, once you ...
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