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9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Gram Flour (Besan)
Gram flour or chickpea flour, commonly known as besan in India, is popular for its beauty benefits. But this versatile ingredient also has its own share of health benefits which many aren't aware of. Gram flour is made by grinding chickpeas ...
Gram Flour 9 Health Benefits You Need Know

Incredible Besan Face Masks For Different Skin Types
Besan, aka gram flour, is a traditional skin care ingredient that is known to work magically well on different skin types. This age-old ingredient is a powerhouse of skin-nourishing properties that can transform the state of your skin. Since time immemorial, ...
Methi Gatte Ki Sabzi Recipe: How To Prepare Rajasthani Dana Methi And Gatte Ki Sabzi
Methi gatte ki sabzi is a traditional North Indian dish, which hails from the state of Rajasthan. It is served as a side dish usually with rotis and rice and as a main course for lunch or dinner. There are many ...
Methi Gatte Ki Sabzi
Gatte Ki Sabzi Recipe: Rajasthani Besan Gatte Ki Sabzi
Gatte ki sabzi is a Rajasthani special curry which has besan as its main ingredient. This sabzi is commonly prepared in most households as a part of their daily meals. The besan is made into spicy dumplings and is deep-fried. This ...
Mysore Pak Recipe: How To Prepare South Indian Mysore Pak At Home
Mysore pak is a traditional South Indian sweet that is prepared mostly for festivals, especially during Diwali. The homemade Mysore pak is prepared with besan, sugar and ghee as the main ingredients. Mysore pak, as the name suggests, originated from the ...
Mysore Pak
Besan Halwa Recipe: How To Make Besan Ka Halwa At Home
Besan ka halwa recipe or simply gram flour halwa is a traditional Punjabi sweet made especially during festive seasons. Besan halwa is a rich dessert enhanced with cashewnuts, raisins and an ample amount of desi ghee. It usually has the consistency ...
Khandvi Recipe: How To Make Gujarati Besan Khandvi At Home
Besan khandvi, also known as Gujarati khandvi, is a popular snack among the other lip-smacking Gujarati treats that you can easily prepare at home. The khandvi recipe is sure to leave everyone at home asking for more! These are soft, small-sized, ...
Besan Hair Mask Recipes For Super Strong Hair!
Gram flour, commonly known as besan, has been used for a plenty of beauty purposessince ages. Besan is basically used to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. But did you know besan can also be used over thehair? Can a besan mask ...
Natural Bleaching Agents To Lighten Skin Tone!
Want to remove that unsightly tan, dullness and patchiness from your skin? Forget those pricey spa treatments, these natural skin bleaching agents are all you need. From slapping on that SPF, masking our face with a scarf, to avoiding ...
Natural Bleaching Agents To Lighten Skin Tone

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