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Attachment Theory Reveals How We Develop Attachment
Attachment is an emotional bond that develops when someone fills a void in our lives. We develop attachment from the moment we are born. We, humans, are attached to people who justify our beliefs. For the same reason, attraction in humans ...
What Is Attachment Theory

Hunger For Higher Life
Continued from-Emotional attachments when shed....The realization that worldly things are fleeting creates hunger for a higher life.It is the nature of the mind to be attached to something or the other. Even if someone is by force of circumstances freed ...
Higher Life
Parenting Tips: Are You A Credit Card Daddy?
The modern days have ushered in restless pace, with targets to reach the mercantile summit. With the pursuit of mercantile gains, there is very less focus on relationships. The reckless rat race has only reduced fathers to credit card daddies. How ...
Emotional Attachment-When Shed....
Emotional Attachment, When It Is Shed... Continued from Pleasures of life-Their Fleeting Nature Realisation of the changing nature of things reduces emotional attachment to the worldThe first great change it brings about is that it drastically reduces your emotional ...
Emotional Attachment Changing Nature
Love And Attachment-Advaita Vedanta Distinguishes
Love is definitely the most beautiful of all human emotions, an accepted opinion throughout. However attachment wears the mask of love and masquerade in one's relationships. An entire life time passes away without the revelation of the difference between love ...
Shri Sai Satcharitra-Chapter 43 And 44 Part II
Continued From Part ITwo or three days previous, Baba had stopped His morning peregrinations and begging rounds and sat in the Masjid. He was conscious to the last and was advising the devotees not to lose heart. He let nobody know ...
Chapter 43 44 Part
Living in Freedom and Enquiry-Part IV
Unity of Awareness- Ishopanishad“Yastu sarvaan bhootaani aatmani eva anupasyati sarva bhuteshu chatmaanam tato no vyugupsate”He, who constantly sees all manifestations (an objects and individuals in the world) verily in the Supreme-Self, and the Supreme-Self in all manifestations, thereafter from experiencing this ...
Living in Freedom and Enquiry-Part II
Continued From Part I 'Sanga' or 'Attachment'In every action of mine, I am attached to the thoughts of expectation, of reward and recognition, of material benefits. These thoughts molest my efforts in the present and rob me of the effectiveness ...
Freedom Enquiry Attachment Passion
Living in Freedom and Enquiry-Part I
Freedom : In space outside me "Freedom from hunger! Freedom from disease! Freedom from illiteracy! - Freedom from economic slavery! " All these slogans, I have heard from many platforms! And, I have understood them to an extent!!"They want freedom from ...
Awareness Dissolves Attachment
Awareness dissolves the deceiving attachment and makes one realise one's true nature as the very awareness itself. When one is aware, there is no question of attachment with springs from one's deep rooted idea that one is the body. When the ...
Pure Awareness Attachment Osho
Thirukkural-On Virtue-True Knowledge-Kural 359
Saarbunarndhu saarbukeda olukin matrazithuchchSaarthara saartharu noaiThose who seek God’s grace and severe all other bonds,Will be effectively free of all worldly sorrows.One who is free from all attachments, with God’s help, will be able to free himself from all other griefs.The ...
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