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International Day Of Families: Interesting Ways To Stay Connected With Your Family

Every year 15 May is observed as the International Day of Families after the United Nations declared it in 1993 to promote better social living standards of families across the world. People celebrate this day with their families in their own way. However, the past two years, due to coronavirus and nationwide lockdowns, many people were away from their families and not able meet their family or even extended family members.

But you don't have to worry as this International Day of Families; we are here in some ways through which you can stay connected with your family members even during this continuing tough period.

1. Dial The Numbers With Love

This is one of the most common and feasible ways to stay connected with your family members. All, you would need to do is dial the numbers with love. You can call your parents if you are staying away from them or you can give a call to your uncle and aunt. You can talk about various things and share your problems and challenges with them. So, this International Day of Families, give a call to your family members and let them know you are blessed to have them.

2. Take The Help Of Technology

If you are missing your extended family members during this lockdown, then technology can come handy to you. You can connect to your family member over a video call or group chat. These days you can connect with more than four people over a video call. You may find it awkward to give a video call to your family members but trust us it can bring smiles on their faces and will make their day.

3. Participate In Some Online Challenges

These days there are so many online challenges going on. You too can come up with your own idea of throwing some interesting online challenges at your family members. Such as you can make sudoku and ask them to solve it. Similarly, you can plan some quiz and participate in it. This will not only entertain you during this lockdown but will also help you in staying connected with your family members.

4. Play Online Games and Trivia

In addition to the online challenges, you can play some online games with your family members. There are so many online games that can help you in staying connected with your family members. You can also play these games with your grandparents. All you would need to do is teach them how to play and explain the rules to them. Also, you can participate in various Trivia hosted by various platforms. This will no doubt make things interesting even during this lockdown.

5. Organise A Virtual Family Lunch/Dinner

It's quite wonderful when the entire family sits on the dinner table to have lunch or dinner. We understand that due to this lockdown, you may not be able to travel and meet your family. But who said you can't eat together? Yes, you can! For this, you can opt for a virtual lunch/dinner party. We bet you, this will give you an amazing experience. Or if you are with your family, then you can plan a rooftop dinner. You can decorate your terrace with candles and fairy lights and enjoy your family dinner.

6. Order Some Gift Hampers

To make your family members feel special on this International Family Day, you can order some gift hampers for them. Such as you can order a dinner set or some flowers or a music system. There are a number of things available online. If you wish to decorate your home with some family pictures, then you can order photo frames or you can choose different gift items for different family members.

7. Share Funny Memes In The Group Chat

We are sure that you must be having a WhatsApp or a Facebook group consisting of your family members. So, how about sharing some funny memes in the group chat? You can find out some memes that you think would make others laugh. Or you can also share a funny video. In addition to this, talking about a funny moment can also be a good option to have virtual fun during this lockdown.

8. Watch Online Movies

Watching online movies can be another fun activity that you can do to stay connected with your family members. There are so many movies available online and you can choose anyone from them. Ask your family members to come together and watch the movie together. If you are at home then you can arrange the cushions, snacks, soft drinks or juice and low lights.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, the best way to connect with your family members is by having an open discussion on any topic. Listening to each other's opinions and making equal contributions to retain fun and happiness in the family. We hope you celebrate International Day of Families in a memorable way.

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