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Raksha Bandhan 2020: Things That Make The Relationship Between Brothers And Sisters Special!

Having brothers and sisters is a blessing. It is great to have someone who will do things to make you angry and will love you at the same time. They are the ones you can't trade to the world because they comprise your world. On this Raksha Bandhan i.e., on 3 August 2020, we are going to tell you a few things that happen only between brothers and sisters. These make the bond of brothers and sisters special.

1. Never-ending Fights

No one has an idea about when siblings will start a fight. Right from who is mom's favourite to whose favourite show will be played on television, you will always have some reason to fight.

2. 24/7 Competition

The day your younger sibling was born, rivalry began. You will always be competing with your siblings to check who finishes the meal first and who wakes up early. This is one of the best things in sibling relationship, they always compete with each other but will still make sure to grow together.

3. Sharing

Your first lesson of 'sharing is caring' begins with your siblings. You learn to share and enjoy together. Remember those days, when parents asked you to share cookies, colour pencils and cupboard with your siblings? It was then you realised sharing can actually make you happy.

4. Blackmailing

Having a sibling and not getting blackmailed is next to impossible. If you have siblings, you never know when you will be blackmailed by them. There is always be one incident that your siblings will use to blackmail you for getting their demands fulfilled.

5. Jealousy

You and your siblings will be jealous of each other but in an adorable way. For example, you might be jealous of your brother's height or the way your siblings sing. This envious attitude, however, never creates problem for the other which is sweetest thing about being siblings.

6. Support

God spare the one who bullies you at school. Why? Because your siblings will always have your back and will make sure to protect you against all odds. You and your siblings will save each other from parents' anger and help each other in studies as well.

Even if you have spent all your pocket money and still have a long month to go, you can always ask for some money from your brothers and sisters. You and your siblings are each other's piggy bank.

So, these were some of the few things that make every sibling relationship special and adorable. We hope you remembered your siblings after reading this article.

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