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6 Amusing Things That We Believed To Be True In Our Childhood

There is no denying that children are always curious to know about things around them and start asking questions. While some of their questions are easy to answer, others can be really tricky and we adults have to filter the answers, combine them with weird logic and present it to them. Because they are children right? And this is where it gets so so hilarious!

Also, parents know how to satisfy the curiosity of their children. The funniest part is children believe what their parents say. I am sure this has happened to all of us.

Let's see what are those things our parents have tricked us into believing, but now they sound hilarious.

1. 'If You Watch Cartoon, You Will Become One'

As children, all of us loved watching cartoon shows more than our study time and ignoring parents was an everyday habit. In fact, we could watch cartoon shows for the whole day. This is when our parents had to chip in to stop us from getting addicted to cartoon shows.

They would say, 'Watching cartoon shows will make you look like a cartoon character'. We children trusted our parents so much that we completely believed them. They knew we will believe them and this was their best weapon to scare us and make us study.

2. 'If You Swallow Seeds Trees Will Grow In Your Stomach'

Being children is never easy, we too have emotions you know!

We were so curious that we ended up messing things out of curiosity. During our childhood, all of us must have asked, 'Why can't I eat the seeds?' Our parents used to warn us to not swallow seeds as it would harm us, but did we really listen to them? Never.

Our parents had, still have an answer to every question. Perhaps, parents used to answer, 'If you swallow seeds, trees will grow in your stomach'. A chill ran down to our spine when we mistakenly swallowed seeds of fruits, thinking we might die now or a plant will grow inside us and suffocate us.

3. 'Germs Will Eat Your Teeth If You Do Not Brush'

Parents made sure we grasp healthy habits but doing that would certainly kill our fun time, isn't it? Hence, we hardly acceded to brush our teeth before going to bed. In fact, we used to question them, 'What's the need to brush teeth twice?'

For this, our parents made sure to scare us by saying, 'Germs will eat your teeth if you do not brush your teeth. How will you eat then?' We too, used to get scared and made sure to brush properly so that no germs would eat our teeth.

4. 'Drinking Tea Will Make You Dark-Skinned'

Who didn't fancy drinking tea just like our parents and other elders did? Having a sip of tea gave us this false notion that we too were adults and that was so much fun. But drinking tea as a child is not healthy and our parents knew this very well and never allowed us to drink tea.

But when we didn't accede and ask them, 'Why can't I drink tea' our parents used to answer, Drinking tea will make your skin dark. Also, you won't be able to eat anything as tea would replace the water in your body'.

5. 'Opening Tiffin Box In Front Of Your Classmates Will Change Your Meal'

All of us used to be curious about what our mothers have packed in our tiffin boxes and therefore we couldn't control our urge to eat the lunch in between the school periods. When we asked our parents 'Why I can't have lunch before the recess' they used to say 'Your meal will turn into another meal which you don't like.' We could never differentiate between right and wrong and therefore, we used to believe this funny logic so easily.

6. 'Sanitary Napkins Are Adult Diapers Or Bandage'

This never gets old. During our childhood, we were always eager about what is kept in our mother's cupboard or in our sister's bag and therefore we used to carry out a search operation. The moment we spot a sanitary napkin in their cupboard or in their bag, we used to ask 'What is that?'. Obviously, our mothers felt awkward to answer that question and therefore, they used to say, 'It is a bandage or a diaper.' And we used to believe them.

Well, there are so many bizarre yet funny memories of our childhood. Childhood was indeed a phase filled with fun and beliefs and it was wonderful too. We all certainly have this secret wish to go back to our beautiful childhood days.

Story first published: Saturday, September 28, 2019, 9:58 [IST]
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