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Arranged Marriages Can Be Better Than What You Think, Know From Real People Why!

Does the whole concept of arranged marriage sound too boring or mainstream for you? For most of the millennials getting married to an unknown person simply because your parents chose them for you and you have no clue who the person is can be quite risky.

For those who have doubts regarding the term "arranged marriage", well, the dictionary meaning is "a marriage planned and agreed by the families or guardians of the couple concerned." This is an age-old practice in India and sometimes, many Indian parents start looking for their child's spouse right from their birth. Children also accept their parents' choice as they trust their parents.

However, there are many people who do not accede to their parents' choices and think they won't be compatible with their would-be partners. They think arranged marriage won't work for them. But, discarding all the cons, and considering the pros of this traditional method of getting married, it can be cool too and who knows you may even find your soulmate.

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We have listed 6 reasons that tell us why arranged marriages can be better than you think.

1. It Ensures Compatibility

Your parents know their children quite well and are well aware of your choices, beliefs and most importantly, the upbringing that you had while growing up. Therefore, they will look for a spouse who has a similar upbringing, lifestyles, ethics and abides by similar ethics or moral values. This way they become sure if your spouse and you will be compatible or not.

Pari (24) from Mumbai told Boldsky, "My marriage was arranged while I was still in college. Initially, I was scared but when I got to know my spouse, I felt proud of my parents' choice. My marriage is actually working for me. Me and my husband, got to know each other every day and we explored so much about each other."

2. It Connects You With Your In-Laws

Since you and your spouse married the person of your parents' choice, your parents will be able to connect with you. They will make sure you are happy with their choices. This is good for girls as they leave their parents' homes and come to a completely new environment. In this case, the in-laws shower love and affection upon the brides which makes things easier.

While speaking to Boldsky, Neha (24) from Bihar, "When I got married to my husband I was quite worried if my in-laws would be nice to me. They turned out to be quite amicable and caring. My in-laws always look after my needs and consider me as their own daughter. I have received an abundance of love and support from them."

3. It Develops Mutual Understanding

Since both of you come from different backgrounds and have immense respect for your family's pride, you know how to maintain that pride. You will feel the same for your spouse's family.

Your spouse will also learn to respect your family. He/she will ensure none of you is getting affected due to the behaviour leading to ruining the prestige of both families.

Also, you will be helping each other in getting used to the traditions of each other's family. This develops a mutual understanding between you two.

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4. It Brings Parental Support

If anything goes wrong between you and your spouse, both of you have your families to help you. They will make sure to solve the differences between you and your spouse. In case, if your spouse misbehaves, you can take the help of your family and ask them to look into the matter. While you decide to have kids or shift to a new city, you will have the support of families. They will make sure you are doing fine.

Pooja (23) from Bihar told Boldsky, "If family and spouse are good, everything falls in the right place. Moreover, you always have someone to talk about the problems faced in your marriage. You will be getting advice based on the experiences of your in-laws and your parents."

5. It Has Commitment And Adjustment

When you get married to someone, who is your parent's choice, you ultimately have a sense of high-level of adjustment. This is because it is highly unlikely that your parents will find the wrong match.

Also, you would have learned about all the good and bad of your spouse. Even if there are several flaws, you learn to accept them. Moreover, since both of you didn't know each other before and fell in love with each other, both of you develop feelings for each other slowly and gradually.

Neha says, "I and my husband have so many flaws in us. Instead of getting angry, we help each other to overcome those flaws and accept each other with all our hearts."

6. It Gives You The Opportunity To Explore Something New

Pooja says, "Everyday comes with an opportunity where I am exploring something new in my husband. He too is getting to know about me." I guess many more new things are yet to be explored," she adds

In an arranged marriage, couples need not know much about each other before the marriage. They may take a year or two to know about each other and therefore, it makes them happy and excited for exploring something new in their spouse.

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These reasons will restore your faith in arranged marriages if you are skeptical about them before. No matter what you do, but you also need to understand that marriage works only when the couple agrees to support and love each other in all circumstances. Mutual respect, love, honesty and commitment are the ingredients that make a marriage last long.

Disclaimer: The names and identifying details of individuals have been changed to ensure their privacy.

Story first published: Thursday, November 21, 2019, 10:24 [IST]
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