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    Signs That Tell You To End Your Relationship

    By Soham Senapati

    People outgrow each other and go separate ways. Ending a relationship is hard and, at times, it sure hurts a lot. But if you are not happy in the relationship you are in, there is no reason left for you to keep holding on to the relationship.

    We need to be certain that the person we are with is the right choice. If not, we should go ahead and end it.

    The idea of love decreasing in a relationship or expired is difficult to digest. The best thing we can do is part our ways than having to stay in a fruitless relationship.

    Signs to end relationship

    At times, a relationship is hard to let go of; but in order to secure a happy life, one must need to know if the relationship he/she is in, is a fruitful one or not.

    Let's find out the signs to understand that it is time to part ways with your partner.

    Cheating Partners:-

    Some people treat relationship as a game and when they get bored, they cheat. There is no other reason needed for you to leave your partner. Cheating is the death of any relationship.

    Don't stick around in the relationship if you can't let go of the thought that your partner has cheated on you. This leads to traumatic results such as depression, anger and hatred and even frustration of not being able to let the past stay behind.

    Signs to end relationship


    It is never okay to suppress your pain when you know your partner is a violent one and has treated you the same way. End the relationship and move on. Sticking on to violence is giving into your fears and let none dictate a violent life on yours. Relationship is all about staying together with being happy and if that isn't happening, you need to walk away from such vandalism.

    Getting Hurt Over And Over Again:-

    There is no way one can hurt you over and over again when they say they are in love with you. If your partner is repeatedly hurting you and is causing you a great trouble, you need to call the shots and end the relationship. It is a futile attempt to stay in such a relationship, as in every turn of the road, it will always be you who gets hurt.

    No Efforts Shown By Your Partner:-

    It is always good to have a symbiotic relationship, where both give an equal amount of effort and that helps the relationship go on in a long run. But if you see your partner lagging behind, in showing efforts and its all words that he/she says, then you need to consider ending the relationship. It won't be beneficial staying in the relationship where there is no effort.

    An effortless relationship is as dead as a moonless night, dark and dead.

    Signs to end relationship

    Continued Arguments And Fights:-

    Fights lead to derailment of relationships. I know it and I'm certain you do too. Healthy fights and arguments make your relationship a happy and successful one, but if the fights are meaningless and arguments unreasonable, you should stop telling yourself that everything is okay and it is all good to be in the relationship.

    Being Unhappy:-

    The main agenda in a relationship is to be happy and if you are certainly not feeling so, let it go. Remember to be happy in a relationship and not sad. You let someone into your life just to make each other's life a better one and not the opposite.

    You See No Future:-

    If there is no future in your relationship, then wasting your present is not the answer. People get into a relationship once they feel there is a future and they can make it to the end, "Till death do us apart".

    But if there is none, then staying in such a relationship is not worth a dime.

    You Are Not Valued:-

    Every relationship is a partnership of values, love, trust and independence. But when you see there is no value of yours in your partner's eyes, end the relationship. There is nothing more left for you in it.

    At times you feel it is easier to not breakup but stay back and wait for things to get better. But it never happens that way and we keep pushing ourselves in more need of time.

    If you relate to any of the reasons written above, then you know your relationship is just a burden on you and in the time of need, you need to let go of the relationship.

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    Story first published: Monday, March 19, 2018, 13:30 [IST]
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