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    How To Know It Is Time To Introduce Your Partner To Your Family?

    By Soham

    It is evident that you have reached the point where your parents take a sneak peek into your love life asking about the person you are taking pictures or hanging out with. They even would have asked you if you are in love with someone or if you are seeing someone as a life partner.

    These are the normal procedures that parents follow before they go in hunt for your life partner.

    it is time to introduce your partner

    If you have a partner and you want to spend your life with him/her, here is the article that you need to read thoroughly before introducing him/her to your family.

    It is important to understand these perspectives, to be certain that it is the perfect time for you to show your chosen better half.

    Let's unfold these perspectives and allow me to guide you through each of them.

    How To Know It Is Time To Introduce Your Partner To Your Family?

    1. Your Relationship Has Been Stable Till Date

    Gather your intellect from day 1 until this very moment and think if your relationship is a stable one. See whether you are happy with him/her all this while. See the rough patches and think were they justified and brought you and your partner more close to each other?

    Think of these aspects before you think your relationship was a stable one.

    2. Honeymoon Phase Is Over

    You need to think straight if the honeymoon period is over or not. In the start of every relationship, it feels you are a match made in heaven and later as time passes, you start growing apart from each other. This is not a good sign.

    So, before you introduce your partner, you need to know if you are done with your honeymoon phase or not.

    3. You Both Are Compatible

    It is very important to know whether or not you both are compatible. If there is a slight doubt, then you need to be thorough about that single percent doubt too. Do not rush to make him/her meet your parents.

    Wait and figure out this first!

    4. Your Partner Finally Decides To Meet Your Parents

    It is natural for every partner to freak a bit before meeting the parents of his/her better-half. They just want everything to go smooth and that he/she doesn't goof up anywhere, giving a bad impression to them.

    The signs that a partner show suggests that he/she is ready for meeting your parents. His/her questions will show an earnest curiosity to know your parents. Questions like "is your mother in town? When can I meet her?", etc.

    5. You Both Want To Live Together Under The Same Roof

    You both have been spending quality nights with each other. And now you want it to go to the next level and where it is known by your parents and you both officially are living together.

    Moving together under the same roof is a big decision and for that, you need to introduce your partner to your family, so that everything goes smooth and there is no trouble.

    6. You Both Know Each Other's Friends

    You don't hide your relationship from your friends any further.

    You make each other know all the friends you have in a close circle. This means you are giving each other that part of your life where you want them to know he/she has become the S.O.S. of your life.

    This suggests that it is time for your parents to know this person as well. This is a factual thing, as the youth, we are more close to friends and then to parents.

    So, if your partner has met your friends already, it is about time you make him/her meet your parents as well.

    7. You Know Everything About Each Other

    There are no fifty shades of shadowed secrets in between you two but a ray of love that plunges each other's heart and spills the truth about each other.

    You know everything about each other and there is nothing more to know other than knowing the future of this togetherness.

    Therefore, it is time for you to make your better half meet your parents and know him/her well. When the family gets to know each other, it becomes easier for the future ahead. You get a support from behind and that being your parents.

    8. It Is All About The Perfect Timing

    Time has always been the key player in every love story.
    You need to know whether the time is perfect for your parents to meet your better half or not. This decision depends on the everything written above.

    Remember when you feel the time is right to make your partner meet your parents, fix a time and place.

    Better not be home!

    It disrupts the functional senses of your partner. Call your parents to some fine-dining restaurant and keep it classy and sophisticated.

    Beforehand, let your parents know about this so that it is not awkward for anyone.

    These are the signs that guide you to introduce your partner to your parents.

    Now that you have learned the signs and ways to know, how about you give your feedback about this article. I would be glad to know. Feel free to drop your feedback in the comment section.

    Story first published: Monday, April 16, 2018, 14:40 [IST]
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