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Betrayals Other Than Having An Affair

If your partner is indulging in an affair with someone else, then it will definitely put a strain on your relationship but it won’t be the end of your relationship or the betrayal that will lead to the end of the relationship.

The reasons behind the relationships ending due to betrayal are others. There are a few other more subtle forms of betrayal which will stress you up in the relationship and might cause the end. And these few other forms of betrayal have the potential to destroy the trust that you and your partner have for each other.

It’s no secret that relationships require a lot of hard work and dedication. You probably know by now that you’re going to have to make a self-commitment every single day to give all the effort you and your partner can, to keep up the relationship.

You will always have to choose to fight for your love if ever the need arises. You are always going to give effort from your side for the sake of your relationship. You should never take the relationship for granted for any relationship that is taken for granted will never have the strength to work out for long.

You should never have the mindset to betray your partner, neither should your partner feel the urge of betraying. A small 'hiss’ in the mind will create a gap between you and your partner and to be having such gaps is not just for the relationship.

Relationships need to be open and transparent. It’s essential that you maintain trust between you and your partner if you’re really into making things work with each other.

When there is no trust in a relationship, love evaporates into thin air and you won’t ever get to hold on to it again. There can never be any love between you and your partner when trust between you both is nowhere to be found.

So, never think of violating the sanctity of the relationship that you share with your partner. It will always be dangerous to put your relationship in such a condition.

How Does Betrayal Happen Usually?

Betrayals mostly happen when at least one of the two conditions fall into the relationship. These are when there is a form of deceit and when there is a yearning for an emotional connection with someone who isn’t in the picture of the relationship.

What Are The Other Kinds Of Betrayals?

1. Having Rules And Regulations In Giving Love

Conditional love is not real. It is just a form of a demolition of the sanctity of love. Love that is conditional is not true love. It’s one of the forms of betrayal that you could ever have in the relationship.

Conditional love is very manipulative and this makes it a real danger for the love in the relationship. You or your partner is essentially manipulating your partner or you into behaving in a certain way just to win over each other.

A relationship with conditional love never works in favour of the couple. Either one who is being manipulated gets out of the relationship or falls out of love.

Conditional love is not a healthy way of loving in the relationship. One always wants to make sure that the other partner feels loved no matter what the reasons are. You and your partner need to have the kind of love that is reliable, stable and unconditional.

Never get into a relationship where there is an alteration of love and conditions are put forward accordingly.

2. Having Emotional Connection

Infidelity is not always in the form of an affair. Infidelity can also be in the form of emotional attachment. One doesn’t need to have sex with another to be called as practising infidelity. It can also be emotional in nature. You don’t even have to kiss or touch someone else in order to be considered as a cheat by nature.

Even the act of having strong feelings for another person and acting on those feelings in the simplest form can be enough to be considered as an emotional infidelity. It is the cheating of emotions. You are in love with someone and you are in a relationship with someone else.

This is not the justice you bring upon your relationship. Avoid it to not ruin the relationship. Temptations are natural for every human being but you need to have a control on it else your relationship becomes a blunder and you a cheat. Avoid emotional infidelity as it is a form of betrayal less talked about.

3. Emotional Activities Restricted

Excluding yourself from the relationship just because things get a little derailed between you and your partner is also a form of betrayal. When you and your partner are engaged in a loyal relationship, you should remember to be committed to it, to the core.

Your partner might be going through some turbulence in his/her mind and it’s absolutely essential that you stay there with them supporting and handling anything that should be. It is your responsibility to uphold the relationship then and if you don’t then the relationship falls apart.

It is important for you to stay consistent and always be ready to fight for your love. It doesn’t matter even when the odds are stacked against you. If you remove yourself from the situation you, your partner and the relationship is in, just because you’re scared, you’re leaving your partner all alone in the middle of the crisis he/she is going through.

Avoid it to the most you can. It is unhealthy and is a form of betrayal. Stick together as a whole rather than breaking up with your partner when he/she needs you the most.

These are the 3 kinds of betrayal none talks about. These betrayals are a heavy burden to carry and these end the relationship in a brutal form. Try to avoid these as much as you can in order to have glorified love and a happy relationship.

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