Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Get Married

By Soham

Ask yourself these questions before you get married, in order to find out are you ready for the marriage or are you happy with your partner.

Marriage is a serious and important affair and it involves two people and two families in a single bond.
Marriage is said easy but doing is difficult. One can get married easily but staying happy and keeping your partner happy is a very difficult process and in order to do so, you need to be certain of some answers before marriage itself.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Get Married

Here are certain questions that you need to ask yourself before you get married.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Get Married

1. Are You Ready To Marry?

This is the most important question you need to ask before getting hitched with another person for this life.
You need to know yourself if you are willing to marry or is it because of peer pressure and family troubles.

Don't force yourself into marriage. It must be your personal wish to marry and only then you should go ahead with the marriage.

Marrying for other reasons is a waste of time and is never advised by anyone.

Feel yourself that you are ready to let someone into your life till you die and then go ahead with the marriage.
Do not be in haste. It is very important.

2. Do I Really Want That Person?

Often, you will see people marry for need and not for want. Marriage is a bond wherein you want to spend your life together not because you need to spend it but for the reasons, you want the person so badly that you decide to be with that person forever.

We marry because we think we need someone to be with us. But that is a very wrong concept.

You need to be certain that you are marrying because you want that person to be in your life as your partner.

3. Do You Feel Trapped?

Ask yourself if you feel trapped in the relationship and you are just being dragged to marry the person.

You need to answer yourself for if you feel trapped, then you have to let go of this relationship.

4. What Makes The Person Different That You Want To Marry?

You need to know why do you want to marry the person. And how do you think he/she is the right choice for you. Once you know the answer, you will be certain of your decision to marry or not.

5. Can I Be With This Person Forever?

This question makes you think a lot and in order to do know the real answer behind, many actually plunge into a wrong decision. No one knows for certain that they will stay with their spouse forever or not.

So, it is better you need to think it twice or thrice before you marry whether you can stay or not with this person for this lifetime. Do not force yourself to marriage, as it will kill the vibe from the start itself.

6. Do I Truly Love This Person?

Unknown to what your feelings are if you continue with a marriage, it is a failure from day one.

So, you need to be sure if you really love that person and if you do not, then don't marry. It is waste of two lives and waste of time and paper.

7. Do You Accept The Person As He/She Is?

Normally, we see after marriage people complaining that their spouse has changed and is no more the way he/she used to be.

This is because they never asked themselves this question if they really accept the person as he/she is.

Ask yourself if you really accept the partner you are going to marry as they are and even if they change is it okay with you?

8. Are You Sexually Attracted Or Not?

Sexual attraction is very important in a marriage and if you are sexually attracted to your partner, you have no trouble in marrying and in later stages.

But, if you are not sexually attracted towards your partner, then getting married to the person will later create troubles.

Think about it. Will you?

These eight questions you need to ask yourself before you think of marrying the person.

You don't want to regret anything later and become very sure of what you want and what you desire.

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    Story first published: Friday, April 6, 2018, 20:30 [IST]
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