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Does Your Wife Enjoy Your Absence When You Go Out Of Station?

A new survey conducted on young and newly married women states that nearly 80% of the women enjoy the absence of the husband at least once in a while!

Well, men don't need to take them wrong as women just want some space for a short while. Of course, even men want some space and that's why some men enjoy their time well when their wives are out of station!

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Now, here are some simple reasons why your wife may enjoy your absence when you go out of station.


She Can Bring Her Girlfriends Home

Meeting up with old friends, or calling friends home to have a chat or a gossip session over a cup of tea is very refreshing. So, don't worry if your wife enjoys her time well in your absence. It may help her de-stress.

She Doesn't Need To Worry About Cooking

This applies to women who have the pressure to cook tasty dishes daily. When the husband is out of station, the kitchen can be closed for a while. That's surely relief. Oredering outside food and taking a break from cooking can also help her de-stress.

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She Can Get More Sleep

Getting an extra hour to sleep seems like a luxury when one is sleep deprived. Well, when there are less household chores, she can sleep happily, right.

She Can Watch TV

No fights or battles for the TV remote-control when the husband is out of station. This is one reason why she may enjoy your absence occasionally.

She Doesn't Need To Worry About The Laundry

Not worrying about anything is the best boon in life. And yes, the regular mundane things like laundry are not so important when the husband isn't at home.

She Can Work Extra Hours In The Office Without Having To Worry About Home

When you are passionate about work but your husband always pesters you to come home early, then you can peacefully work at office when he's out of station.

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No Arguments....

You can sit back, relax, listen to music, meditate or simply while away time lazily without doing anything when your husband is out of station.

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