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Things All Couples Do But Never Admit


There are some things all couples do but never admit. Some of them are cute and some of them are weird. But at the end of the day, all couples tend to do such things without knowing that other couples also do them at least once in lifetime.

Once two people come together and become a couple, they tend to let their guards down and that is when the true selves tend to come out.

Ways To Show Love Without Words

In fact, if you have caught yourself walking like your partner, talking like your partner or imitating your partner without your knowledge, don't be surprised. It happens to many. In fact, that is common to many couples. Here are some more things all couples do.


Naming Their Unborn Children

Most of the couples love to do this. They come up with names for their future children. In the initial stages of love, when you and you partner are spending time looking at each other in a park, did you ever spend time discussing about what name to give your baby?


Comparing To Feel Good

Almost every couple does this! They look at other sad or miserable couples, compare themselves with them and feel that they are the best couple around. In fact, this gives a 'kick" to any couple in the initial stages.

Is It Love Or Obsession?

For some couples, the need to feel like the 'best couple' in the eyes of others becomes very important that they try to show off their affection publicly!


They Smell Each Other's Clothes

When your partner is away, did you ever sniff his or her clothes and miss your partner? Well, many couples do this at least once.


Am I A Bad Cook?

You prepare a tasty dish and yo are confident that your husband falls in love with it. But surprisingly, he takes a small bite and leaves the rest in the plate. That is when you wonder whether you really cook well. You might also feel like asking him whether you are a bad cook! Don't worry almost all couples experience that stage at least once!


Dirty Texts

At some point of time, almost every couple enjoys sending and receiving dirty texts. In fact, flirting with a life partner is a not really a bad idea!


Giving Nicknames

Couples love to give each other nicknames. Almost all couples love to call their special someone with a special name that sounds cute.


They Complain Like Children To Get Pity

Your husband comes home with a sad face. When you ask him what happened, he puts his head on your lap and almost cries like a baby while telling the stories of his office politics. Well, almost all couples do that. When one partner cries like a baby, the other partner tries to console and pamper.

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Showing Odd Spots

When you develop a mole or a rash on odd spaces and you are unable to see it in the mirror, did you ever ask your partner to see and tell you what's there? Well, almost all couples do that.


They Visualise Themselves In Old Age

Have you ever sat and visualised how you and your partner would look like when you grow old? Well, all couples do that at least once. They would love to see a picture of themselves in old age still showing love towards each other.

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