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Reasons Why Your Wife Is Super Stressed All The Time!


Are you wondering about the reasons why your wife is stressed all the time? Well, if you wish to stay peaceful at home, you have only one option. Ensure that your wife is also happy. If you ensure your happiness, that isn't enough!

If your wife is stressed up, she might show her frustration sooner or later when the stress crosses a limit and makes her vent it out in a fit of rage. So, generally, a husband must be aware of what keeps a wife happy or unhappy. So, find out the reasons your wife is unhappy.

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Questions You Should Never Ask Your Wife

It could be her job, her colleagues, office politics, your beard, water scarcity, unclean kitchen or pending plumbing work. There could be many reasons behind her stress. But if you don't ask why your wife is always so tired, you may have to face the consequences.

Instead of speculating, talk to your wife after reading this article. Here are some reasons why your wife is stressed.


Your Mom!

In a survey, nearly 70% of the women blamed their mother-in-laws for their stress and frustration. So, if your wife seems to be stressed out all the time, the first thing to do is check whether everything is fine between your mom and your wife. Yes, its important!


Adding Too Many Female Friends On Your FB!!

Did you recently add too many hot girls as your friends on Facebook? Then this could be one reason why your wife seems to be stressed out. Find a way to make her feel secure instead of flirting with others on Facebook.

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You Didn't Follow Her Advice!

She asked you to order food online from a particular restaurant but you ordered from a different place just because you have some left over discount coupons. Do you think everything will be alright?

No! There's a reason why she gives specific instructions. The food that you got makes her vomit! So, not following her advice will make her feel stressed out.


There's No Privacy At Home!

Either your friends or relatives swarm your house always. On weekends, at least 30 people sit in your living room watching the cricket math and munching the food your wife cooks!!

Now, doesn't it stress her up? She too needs privacy and relaxation at home. Making your home an entertainment hub for your relatives or friends can stress your wife.


You're Lazy!

Are you still watching TV eating chips even after she asked you to go out and get some vegetables? Well, any wife would get super stressed if the husband is lazy. If getting small things done becomes a paramount task then getting upset with you is quite natural.

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You Interfered With Her Selfie-Obsession!

Are you constantly pestering her to stop taking selfies? Well, this may not directly stress her up. But taking a selfie might make her feel good and if you ask her not to take selfies, you are closing a door for her to de-stress. May be, that might add up to her stress levels.


You Blew Money!

Did you spend all your salary for a friend's birthday party? Well, finances are one big issue that could stress up any couple. How and where your hard earned money is going is one big concern. Consult her once before spending lavishly.


You Asked Her To Get Ready Fast!!

Did you ask her to get ready fast? More than going out with you, she enjoys the process of getting ready. In fact, make up and fashion are art forms too. You may need to let her spend enough time in front of the mirror. Otherwise, you will have to face her anger.


You Are Always Unavailable For Family Events

Her relatives invited you for lunch but you have promised to accompany your boss to another event. Your wife would surely think that you just found an excuse whenever you have to show your face to her relatives. This could be one reason why she's super stressed.


You Never Help With Household Chores!

One thing that would annoy or stress up any wife is tons of household work and non-cooperation from the man. If you are thinking that every chore at home should be done by your wife, you will have to face her heat soon.

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