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Signs Your Job Is Killing Your Marriage

A recent survey blames the nature of jobs for a percentage of misunderstandings and divorces in today's world. But can a job really ruin marital life?

What's wrong in doing a job sincerely? If you work hard in your job, does it mean your marital life has to suffer?

Signs Your Job Is Killing Your Marriage

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Well, no! You can love your job and give your best to it. But if you ignore your loved one at home, maybe that could cause some misunderstandings. Here are some signs your job has the chances of killing your marital life.

Are You Taking Your Work Home?

Though work should be done only at the office, today most of us tend to carry at least a small percentage of work to home. There's nothing wrong in it. But what if your partner frequently complains over it? Well, that is a sign your partner is getting affected by your work!

When Your Spouse Wants To Spend Time With You, Are You Giving Excuses?

Your partner is in a romantic mood and just wants to get cozy, but you bring your laptop to the bedroom and keep him or her waiting.

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Your partner gets disappointed and goes to sleep without talking. This is another sign your work is going to kill your relationship.

Are You Showing Work-Related Frustration On Your Spouse?

Something goes wrong at your workplace and you go home and shout at your partner for no reason. This is another sign.

Are You Denying Intimacy Due To Work Stress?

Your partner wants to get naked with you but your stamina levels dip so badly that you faint in bed without co-operating to your partner! That's a sign your work is taking a toll on your marital life!

Do You Frequently Go For Business Trips?

You frequently go out of station due to work and rarely get to see the face of your partner. Of course, you still can make your relationship work if you take some quality time out for your partner.

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Do You Forget Your Partner's Birthday?

You are so engrossed in your work that you forget to wish your partner on the birthday. You tend to forget all important dates! That's a sign that your work is killing your marital joy.

Do You Regret Marrying?

When your partner starts complaining that you are ignoring him or her, you suddenly regret getting married. Well, that is the moment when you may need to regret letting your work stress interfere in your marital life. May be, you can find a middle path. Try!

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