10 Tips To Understand And Handle An Emotional Partner

By Shabana Kachhi

Nowadays, we meet a lot of interesting people who we will be attracted to. We spend some time together and realise similarities between us and we fall in love.

Relationships are all about a give and take policy. It is about understanding each other and making adjustments. Relationships are also very fragile and require efforts to make them work.

tips to understand an emotional partner

When two people are in a relationship, it often happens that they have different tempers and moods. Your partner may be an introvert, while you like meeting new people.

Your partner may not indulge in activities which might interest you. All this may create problems in a relationship but spending time with each other and communicating your feelings will help resolve issues.

But, it needs a lot of understanding and commitment from both the ends, especially if one partner requires special needs from the other one.

Do you find your partner worrying about smaller issues in everyday life? Do they often go onto the shell of their own and refuse to share their feelings with you?

Do you often find your partner excited about little things or they experience mood swings often? All these are the signs of your partner being highly emotional.

Dealing with an emotional partner may be a little difficult. They may often be emotionally disturbed and may need your constant attention.

It is also highly likely they go into depression if they are not encouraged to talk it out. They may be caring and compassionate about things, but it may leave you wondering how to deal with their sudden mood swings.

These kinds of partners are very needy and are easily hurt. You would need to deal with them with a lot of understanding and empathy.

In this article, we will share with you 10 tips to handle and understand an emotional partner, go right ahead and take a look.


1) Communication Is Key:

Let your partner know that you are open to listening to them talk. This will help them feel better and help you understand the cause of their sudden outburst.


2) Help Them Deviate Their Attention To Something Else:

When your partner is highly upset about something, they might constantly think about the same thing and worry. Try to indulge them in something else to deviate their attention from the cause of their worry.


3) Be An Emotional Support:

Being a punching bag to help them let out their feelings will only make them open up to you. This in turn will make the relationship stronger. When your partner understands that you are there for them, they will respect you more.


4) Do Not Be Insensitive To Their Mood Swings:

When your partner has an issue with someone, always give an ear to it and listen. Assuming that it might be their fault and not understanding their feelings will only make matters worse. This may also lead to trust issues between your partner and you.


5) Understand About Things That Bother Them:

When you spend a considerable amount of time with your partner, you learn about their changing emotions and things which bother them. Try to keep them away from such emotional situation or discussions, which may trigger their emotional state of mind.


6) Try To Give Them Their Space:

Some partners may not be comfortable in talking it out. In such cases, it is better to leave them alone. Be there for them only when they are open and comfortable in sharing their feelings with you.


7) Involve Them In Decision Making:

Let them be involved in taking decisions in your relationship. This may give them a sense of authority and help them reduce their emotional outbreaks. Emotional people are often low on self-esteem and giving them the power of decision-making will boost their confidence.


8) Let Them Know How You Feel:

Sharing your feelings with them will let them know that they hold a special place in your life. This will help deepen their feelings for you and encourage the same behaviour from their end.


9) Reach Out To People Who Are Important In Your Partner’s Life:

An emotional partner always seeks the acceptance of important people in his life. When you get yourself involved with these people, it will show your partner that you are looking for a long-term relationship and stability. This will make your partner trust you and open up to you more.


10) Seek Counselling:

If you are unable to handle your partner's mood, it may be better to take the advice from a professional before letting things damage the relationship further. The counselling sessions will be aimed at both you and your partner and will surely benefit your relationship.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 15:30 [IST]
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