Strange Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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You have heard and seen many serious issues about divorce. Maybe one partner is cheating on the other, or there is some monetary problem between the couples, or couples also go in for a mutual divorce on the ground of mentality mismatch.

But, sometimes, you might have heard of couples divorcing each other due to weird reasons too. Yes, there are several strange reasons as to why couples get divorced.

A popular story about getting divorce is that a woman divorced her husband just because he used a bread to eat green peas instead of a fork. Yes, you read it right. It is just the table manners that created barriers between them.

Nowadays, these are the weird reasons why couples can get divorced. Marriage is not a game. It is an institution.

It demands certain compromise and sacrifice and in return gives you a loving family. You can’t escape from the field in such ways.

When you get to hear about such strange reasons why couples get divorced, how do you feel? Don’t you lose hope about the value of faith, love and friendship?

Are you going to laugh or think about it seriously? Anyway, here are some popular weird reasons why couples have got a divorce.

Read on and think if you have ever thought like this. After all, you can scare your partner by telling this whenever they do such weird things.



Do you feel every night that you're sleeping at the border? Do you feel like missiles can be launched any time upon you? Yeah, it is your husband's nose that is roaring. Take him to a doctor instead of filing for a divorce.



This is one of the strangest reasons as to why couples get divorced. If your spouse has this problem, then you should look out for remedies and not file for a divorce against him/her. Talk to them when they are awake and seek a doctor's help if necessary.


Fighting With You While Sleeping

Yes, many people have this habit. Your wife is not your pillow. So, be careful. Divorce won't be too much if you kick your spouse out of the bed and break his/her arm.


Too Much Time In The Bathroom:

You can't find any more weird reasons why couples can get a divorce. You can talk to her, tell her the importance of time and make her realise your problem, but much, dear.


Friends Are Doing It

If you think of strange reasons why couples get divorced, then this is the best (or worst?). You may not believe but there are stories of such things. Your friends are not living happily together like you, then why to copy such negatives?


You Don’t Have Time:

Now, this is not always strange. It is true that both of you are too busy in your professional life. But, does that mean you guys should not have dinner together? Don't you talk to each other about anything else rather than necessities? Then it is time to rethink.


Growing Out Of Love:

This may sound weird but it can be a reason for a divorce leading to very serious issues. Sometimes couples feel it is better to get a divorce if the "Love" factor does not exist in their relationship anymore.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 21:02 [IST]
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