How To Tell Him 'You Smell Bad'

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When getting physically intimate, some things might turn you on while others might tun you off. If your partner has something that turns you off, what would you do?

Well, if you are planning to live with that partner for a long term, there is nothing wrong in telling what is turning you off.

For example, it could be the mouth odour of your partner. When you get closer to kiss him or her, if foul smell puts you off, how to tell him or her? Let us discuss about the same.


Tip #1

Firstly, your approach must be tactful. Consider the fact that he or she is your loved one. You wouldn't want to hurt the feelings of a loved one, right?


Tip #2

Consider the fact that it would be embarrassing for that person to deal with the fact. So, you need to be slow and careful.


Tip #3

It is better to begin with all the good things. Tell your partner how good he or she is in turning you on. Describe all the sweet and cute things. That's a good way to start.


Tip #4

Once you make your partner comfortable, you can ask your partner whether anything you do turns him or her off.


Tip #5

If your partner tells a list, you can patiently listen and then grab the chance to voice out your opinions too in an amicable way.


Tip #6

Even if he or she doesn't have any complaint about you, there is nothing wrong in using the time to talk about the bothering mouth odour of your partner.


Tip #7

At the end of the day, if your relationship is strongly rooted in love, even criticism can be handled well by both parties. If minor discussions are also creating heat then imagine a whole life with a partner who can't digest the fact that certain things turn you off!

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