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Reasons Why Couples Cheat On Each Other


What are the causes of infidelity in a marriage? A recent study claims that at least 10 percent of married relationships are heading towards divorce due to infidelity reasons.

Couples parting ways due to incompatibility is natural; but most of the relationships are falling apartbecuase of couples cheating on each other.

How To Protect Your Marriage From Infidelity

Though this is shocking to some, but it is a fact that most of the dissatisfied couples tend to cheat first before they plan for separation.

The cheating patterns of men tend to be a bit different than that of women. Some men would perceive cheating as just having fun outside the relationship.

How Emotional Infidelity Ruins Relationships?

Some of those cheating men don't even feel guilty unless they are cornered. When it comes to women, most of them resort to cheating when they are emotionally dissatisfied or feeling lonely in their relationships.

Though the cheating patterns and habits vary, the reasons behind infidelity tend to be almost the same..

So here are some of the reasons we understood of why couples cheat on each other in a marriage.

Causes Of Infidelity In Marriage

Feeling Neglected

When one of the partners feels neglected in a relationship, the chances of infidelity would increase. The search for someone else may start and if one successfully finds a compatible company elsewhere, one might gradually get used to cheating. Though it is an unhealthy step, this is how infidelity in a relationship starts.

Craving For More

One of the causes of infidelity in marriage is craving for something more. When one of the partners is not getting enough of joy or pleasure in the relationship, it goes without saying that he or she would either silently look around for more or try to break-free from that relationship.

Deep Sense Of Dissatisfaction

There are many couples who experience a sense of dissatisfaction. According to the latest studies, fifty percent of such couples would sooner or later break up due to infidelity issues. So, dissatisfaction is one of the reasons why couples cheat on each other in a marriage.


Though boredom seems harmless in a relationship, it actually isn't. It can be one of the reasons for infidelity according to relationship experts. In fact some couples do adjust with the boredom that creeps in after years of marriage; but there are some people who find other ways to entertain themselves outside the relationship.

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