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Mother-In-Law Day: Things A Mother-In-Law Won't Tell You


Celebrating the occasion of World mother in law day we provide a handful of things every daughter-in-law should deal and learn to live with.

Whether your new to the family or not, there are certain things all mother-in-laws will not share with their children's spouses. Boldsky shares with you some of those things mother-in-laws love to keep to themselves.


If you've noticed your in law act differently off late, you will know the reason why, only by taking a look at this article: FYI: All mother-in-laws are not terrors, most of them are loving and caring beings, and some even are just like your own mum. Trust me!

I Now Am Second - One of the things every mother-in-law will not tell you is this. Though she is happy about you being her son's lady, a mother-in-law will always feel it when she is termed second after the wife.

I Know He Is Yours Now - Daughter-in-laws you should understand that no mother in law is unhappy with their sons choice for a woman. A mother will find it in her heart to understand that after marriage, her son is his wife's man and no one else's.

I Want The Best For You Both- It is a genuine thing that no mother-in-law will utter to their spouses partner. She really wants to see the best for her son and daughter-in-law, no matter how close of not they are.

I'm In Competition Now - Yes, after marriage it becomes a tug of war to juggle between two families. If her son goes to his in laws place and is pampered, his mother will not only appreciate it but will also feel in competition with her daughter-in-law mother, just so the other is happy.

I'm Lucky In Life - Though she never says it out loud, a mother-in-law is happy to be a part of her son and daughter-in-laws life. If the daughter-in-law treats her mother in law like her own mother, the former will automatically get all the love and attention from the entire family.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 25, 2015, 8:04 [IST]