Cute Nicknames For Husband

By: Anvi Mehta
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Husband and wife share one of the most beautiful relationships in the world. There is a lot of love, trust and care involved between them. This love and affection is expressed in many ways. The physical intimacy, the romantic dates and the sweet talks all are ways of showing their love for each other.

Men usually call their wives with sweet and cute names to make them feel special. Women like that very much. Similarly, though men do not admit it, but even they like it when their wives give them special names. Some find it cute and some find it quite endearing. These special sweet little names can help make your relationship stronger and build in a sense of intimacy.

Cute Nicknames For Husband

For every husband there are different categories of naughty and cute nicknames that a wife can use. We have a few categories of cute nicknames that can be used for husbands. They are as listed below:-

The Sweet-Talk Nicknames: These nicknames include the typical sweet and sugarcoated names that are very commonly used for husbands. The most common used nickname is "Hubby" - short for Husband. Other names that fall in this list are "Honey", "Sweety", "Baby" and "Sugar". If you haven't used any of these nicknames for your husband until now, I doubt you have ever had any sweet talks with him.

The Late-Night Nicknames: These nicknames are used whenever your husband is away from you. The newlyweds and the ones still active in their married lives would surely know of them. It's late in the night and you are talking to your husband on phone. You are sure to get naughty. The nicknames used during this time include cute and sexy names like "Hottie", "Sexy", "My Man", "Hero" and maybe "Angel".

The Typical-Indian Nicknames: These are the nicknames in the Indian languages that are been used in our country for ages. These cute nicknames still have the same warmth and love and are very admired and used till date. They include the Hindi Nicknames like "Baccha", "Shona", "Babu", "Jaan", "Bebo" and the very famous "Jaaneman". These are a little cheesy at times but are equally cute. There are many nicknames in various other local languages of India which are very cute and are used for husbands.

The Hubby-Nicknames: In our country, there are many women who still do not say the names of their husbands. Instead they use cute nicknames like "Sunte Ho" in Hindi, "Aho" in Marathi and so on. These nicknames not only are cute and loving but they also indicate the respect the women have for their husbands. There is a blush on the women's faces when they call their husbands with these cute nicknames. Especially if they are newlyweds. Even the husbands love it when their wives call them like this.

The Romantic Heroes: Many women find it cute to call their husbands with the names of the romantic heroes like "Romeo", "Ranjha" and "Majnu". These are the names of the tragic love story heroes. They are now used as cute nicknames for husbands. We are not sure if men actually like being called Romeo, but women can try them.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 14, 2013, 13:27 [IST]
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