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Write Wedding Vows
Most young progressive couples choose to write their own wedding vows these days but for those of you not so gifted with words it poses a problem. Once upon a time marriage vows were repeated from the Bible but now couples add to it. You are basically supposed to express what 'marriage' means to you and how you see your partner as your soul mate.

As traditional vows have been dumped the pressure to 'be different' is way to stifling. So you will have to scratch through or risk displeasing your partner from the very first day. Here are a few tips to help you write wedding vows by yourself.

Tips To Write Wedding Vows:

1. Chalk Out A Plan: Remember how you wrote essays and compositions for your English language paper? Making a list of points to be remembered and then expanding on them. It might sound mechanical but writing for anything is not really that different. You have to have a basic plan of what you will write or else there will be no flow.

2. Include Personal Memories: Your marriage vows have to be personal more than anything else because the whole point of drafting them on your own. You have include personal moments of joy that you have shared together as a couple. But make sure you don't get too personal and shock the audience.

3. Talk About The Journey: Every relationship is a journey and marriage is only a beginning. When you both have had a journey of falling in love, convincing your parents and then getting married; mention that and the journey ahead.

4. Don't Get Wordy: It doesn't pay to get all high flying with your words (unless you are both Literature graduates). Keep it simple but clear. Clarity is very important because if your marriage vows are ambiguous then it might give out a false impression to the audience.

5. Short And Sweet Is Always The Best: You cannot totally chuck the traditional vows; just add to them. You still have to say 'I do' so write your wedding vows around the basic structure of this setup.

6. Don't Try Weird Jokes: You might be tempted to include a private joke you share with your friends or partner in the vows but it is not a good idea because a wedding is a emotionally charged event. You never know how your partner or his/her family reacts to such a stunt. Better not to get into subjective humour that leaves a bad taste in everybody's mouth.

7. Editing Is A Good Idea: When you are done writing to the best of your capabilities then you should ask someone very close to you to edit it. It always helps to get a third person's perspective because it is a once in a lifetime occasion.

Use these relationship tips to write the best wedding vows for your marriage.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 12:23 [IST]
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