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How To Overcome Pre-Wedding Jitters?

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Wedding Jitters
Do you think pre-wedding jitters are common myths to laugh off? Think again, it is not just in movies that weddings get called off because the bride or the groom gets cold feet about getting married. It is pretty much a part of real life and there is a psychological explanation for it. We all have commitment phobia to some or the other degree. This fear of marriage or rather the 'forever hereafter' that we have cultivated all our lives unconsciously manifests itself in the form of doubts.

If have to live 'happily ever after' then you have to cross the hurdle of overcoming wedding jitters first. Here are some awesome ideas to do the same.

Tips To Overcome Wedding Jitters:

1. First of all, your wedding day is not the day to reflect on your relationship or your decision to get married. If you are doing that then you should ask yourself the question, 'what was I doing till now?' and this reprimand will serve as a reminder that you have already done the thinking and analysing.

2. Sometimes wedding jitters are nothing more than a flutter of nerves. You are emotionally charged and also a bit stressed. When you are in that kind of 'high' your hormones play weird trick on you. You can go from a soaring high to down in the dumps. So another way is to dismiss your apparent pangs of commitment phobia as a chemical reaction.

3. Actually the sinking feeling you are getting could be just skin deep. Probably you are just stressed about your makeup being right or your hairdo coming off at the 'moment' in your wedding.

4. Most of us, especially women plan and dream about our wedding day from the time we understand the concept of a wedding. Most of the times these flutter of nerves that we call jitters happens because we are anxious about everything being perfect and nervous about doing the right thing.

5. Doubt is the biggest enemy of any relationship. It does not have to be the fear of marriage in particular but once the seed of doubt is sown it can wreck the happiest of relationships. If you are experiencing pangs of commitment phobia then concentrate on your good moments instead of dwelling on the dark ones.

6. If your married friends start giving you last minute tips on life after marriage then tell them off immediately. Dealing with fear is easier if you look at things from your own perspective instead of others. Save the horror stories for later friends.

7. After all they say that marriage is such an ambiguous thing that the one who does it regrets it but the one who doesn't regrets more. It better to have the experience of married life and then regret it instead of regretting not having the experience at all.

Use these tips to get over wedding jitters and walk the aisle in style!

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Story first published: Monday, January 30, 2012, 17:31 [IST]
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